Monday, November 24, 2008

a n e v e n i n g @ s e c r e t r e c i p e

best gak lama x laypark kat secret recipe..last sunday me and my dear went to secret recipe @ taman melati..i have uploaded few photo that we captures...actually this time just to try phone baru my dear...hehehhehehe..happy viewing...enjoyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

me n dear:-) cian dear demam waktu ni...dah la ujan lak tu

the most tempting cake in SR...yeah choc indulgence....yummy!!!!

sibuknyer dia dok tgk phone la tu...:-p

Friday, November 21, 2008


after suffering high fever for last 2 days now only can blogging..huhuuhuhuhu...last 2 days, out of no way, dont know why suddenly bangun pg ras sejuk giler...then pg mandi cam biasa after that lagi la sejuk and my hubby was like risau la bcoz i need to drive to office..after he tgk me like mmg tak larat and panas semacam jer he advise me to take 1st i was like malas nk amik mc sbb its near to my deadline tp bila pikir2 camner nk p ofis.. yes my hubby can hantar to ofis tp hari tu dia keje ptg camner i nak balik nanti takkan nk naik train lagila pening..huhuhuuhhuhu...then i decided to my boss then go to clinic....

my hubby bring me to the clinic and after doc check doc pn terkejut saya kena demam panas katanyer...i lagila terkejut bcoz suddenly tu semua kuasaan Allah...semua benda boleh doc did urine test to me too just to make sure whether im pregnant or not since my period has been delayed for a week.. and the result is still -ve..:-(

kesian my hubby that day kena amik EL...just to jaga me...thank you so much darling...he prepare the food to me, bring me to the toilet, massage until i sleep...sooooo touching and love him sooo much....sampai malam i still rasa not ok...huhuhuuhuhu..kepala dah kurang panas tp kepala pening nyer.....then i just tido jer.....

the next day i tried to go to office since the deadline day..but what to do mmg kepala pening...demam macam dah ok cuma pening nyer tak la lagi hubby send me again to the clinic and doc skali lagi terkejut sbb demam dah ok sekejap jer...hmmm tkper la doc nk wat the doc give me mc for 1 more hubby pun have to EL one more day just to take care of me...thank you dear.....appreciate it veryyyyy muach.....

so i just makan ubat and rest at home...kepala mmg pusing2 and tak boleh buat aper...nk makan pujn rasa macam tak lalu...kena paksa ngan my dear baru la i makan...huuhuhuhhuhu....then i just reest sambil gk hubby pun rest sambil layan naruto...malam nyer i da getting today i managed to go office and clear everything....:-)

btw thanks to my collegue for helping me to sent my report to my supervisor....later i will belanaja him...hhehehehehe

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

j a k a r t a i ' m c o m i n g

alhamdulillah selepas perbincangan dibuat we have booked the ticket to fly to J a k a r t a on 26 feb and coming back to KL on 2 mar we will be there for about 3 days...i likeeeee..

one more thing yayah and her family also going with us...lagi meriah and happening la...guess wat, teka how much that i get for 5 people and return...its unbelievable..only RM350...sangat murah and mmg murah giler tak tau nk cakap aper...thats y my hubby and yayah's hubby agreed..hehhehhe so segala pasal ticket dah settle just now have to actively searching for the we all just booked ticket jer...:-)

tak sabar nyer nk pg bercuti ni..yer la rasa boring jugak kan asek dok buat keje ofis jer..sekali sekala kena la rest especially my hubby yg kuatnye berkerja. I know that he's trying to makes me feel comfort and happy..dear, me bahagia with u..donno how to describe by words...luv u dear..mmmmuuahhh...

hmmm sebenarnyer date yg i pilih tu actually dah nk masuk my new semester..hahahhaha tak tau la rasa2 takder kelas lagi kot..harap2 la 2nd week of march baru start..kalau tak aper lagi ponteng la...hehhhehehe skali skala...

so thats all for now, nk g search hotel jap....upsss lupa lak, thanks kaabah for helping and giving me a lot of information about jakarta...appreciate it....k ketemu lagi di lain siaran..daaaaaa

Monday, November 17, 2008

i n t e n e t d o w n

geramnyerrrr....celcom ni buat pasal lak last weekend..baru jer plan nk mencantikkan blog ku..huhuhuhuh last2 tak leh hubby lagi tension coz dia tak leh layan naruto...hehhehehehhee..hmmm my hubby and naruto mmg tak leh d pisahkan.....

so last weekend, i just spend my time with classes, books and sempat la p shopping tudung umah mc kecik..hhahhahhaah tq mckecik tp bnyk stock dah takder...huhuhuuhu...crdit for mc kecik...a.k.a tuan blog bog wardrobe.....

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

s e k i t a r 'k a w e n' d a y

well i am officially married to madzir mohamad @ osama on 1st sept 2007...and as at now we were married for about 1 year, 2 months and 13 days (approximately)..hehehheeh and thanks to God for sending him as my 'jodoh'..I love u sooo much dear...u re my everything....:) now i just show u some of my photo during our 'kawen' day.....hope u all like it....enjoyyyyyyyyyyyy.......

b a l i or b a n d u n g

credit to airasia for the giving the free seats to the selected places...(of course kena bayar sket la for other chanrges except fuel)..but tonite me and hubby like cannot decide where to 1st macam tak tau nk g biler since me now not available weekends...then after think and think we decided to go in June since june is my semester break...then after gotta date then dunno where to go...kalau pg dua2 kang over budget laks...huhuhuhhuhu

endup we were not booked sad....afraid the ticket will sold out..huhuhuhhuhu

sayangku , pls made up your mind...need ur desicion..hukhukhuk

d i l e M M a my company just come out with a new circular saying that they will sponsored for those who are interested to pusuing her/his study in tertiary knowing that i can apply for that benefit i was like 50-50..few options have to considered:

1) continue the original plan..funded by myself and will have no bondage with anybody
2)apply for maybank sponsorship...of course have to bond with maybank...huhuhuhhuh me still have 2 more years bondage with maybank for my degree scholarship and now by applying for MBA will add another 2 years..hurmmm wat say u??

I do ask my hubby's opinion...and he just ok with my fact he advice me to apply for the sponsorship so that at the same time my job will be secure..and he said that the bondage is just for 2 we can delayed our plan to balik kampung for about 2 years....*sigh* whatever it is, thank you darling for your advice and suggestion...

so, as for me, still donno wat to do...tggu jer la dulu....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


after taking 2 tahun setengah, now i manage to continue my also tak tau camner boleh begitu bersungguh2 nk further study..padahal dulu waktu hubby suggest to me to continue i macam not interested at all..hahhahahaha...

So, after settle all the admin punyer hal, me was officially being a mba student..fuhhhhhhh...macam best kan...hmmm lupa lak..i pursue my sudy @ UIA (universiti idaman waktu sekolah2 dulu)..hehhehe so kira ok la kan at least dapatla merasa...ikut plan, if im clear with all the papers i will graduate by yr 2010...looking forward for that big day...

now my weekend activities has to be resceduled..huhuhuhuhu..i'll be having my classes during the weekends...thanks a lot to my hubby for understand u dear!!!!!!

k la nanti i update u all the progress of my study...daaaa

n e w b o r n

at last...after a few weeks thinking of having my own blog now i realize it...nway the idea of having this blog is just as a memories that my next generation will be able to see it lateer...waaaa so ambitions..hahhahahaha...btw, i will try to keep this blog updated and hoping to hear and share any comments and chit chat with all of you...enjoy!!!!!