Wednesday, November 12, 2008

d i l e M M a my company just come out with a new circular saying that they will sponsored for those who are interested to pusuing her/his study in tertiary knowing that i can apply for that benefit i was like 50-50..few options have to considered:

1) continue the original plan..funded by myself and will have no bondage with anybody
2)apply for maybank sponsorship...of course have to bond with maybank...huhuhuhhuh me still have 2 more years bondage with maybank for my degree scholarship and now by applying for MBA will add another 2 years..hurmmm wat say u??

I do ask my hubby's opinion...and he just ok with my fact he advice me to apply for the sponsorship so that at the same time my job will be secure..and he said that the bondage is just for 2 we can delayed our plan to balik kampung for about 2 years....*sigh* whatever it is, thank you darling for your advice and suggestion...

so, as for me, still donno wat to do...tggu jer la dulu....

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