Tuesday, November 18, 2008

j a k a r t a i ' m c o m i n g

alhamdulillah selepas perbincangan dibuat we have booked the ticket to fly to J a k a r t a on 26 feb and coming back to KL on 2 mar 09..so we will be there for about 3 days...i likeeeee..

one more thing yayah and her family also going with us...lagi meriah and happening la...guess wat, teka how much that i get for 5 people and return...its unbelievable..only RM350...sangat murah and mmg murah giler tak tau nk cakap aper...thats y my hubby and yayah's hubby agreed..hehhehhe so segala pasal ticket dah settle just now have to actively searching for the hotel...sb we all just booked ticket jer...:-)

tak sabar nyer nk pg bercuti ni..yer la rasa boring jugak kan asek dok buat keje ofis jer..sekali sekala kena la rest especially my hubby yg kuatnye berkerja. I know that he's trying to makes me feel comfort and happy..dear, me bahagia with u..donno how to describe by words...luv u dear..mmmmuuahhh...

hmmm sebenarnyer date yg i pilih tu actually dah nk masuk my new semester..hahahhaha tak tau la camner..tp rasa2 takder kelas lagi kot..harap2 la 2nd week of march baru start..kalau tak aper lagi ponteng la...hehhhehehe skali skala...

so thats all for now, nk g search hotel jap....upsss lupa lak, thanks kaabah for helping and giving me a lot of information about jakarta...appreciate it....k ketemu lagi di lain siaran..daaaaaa

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