Thursday, December 4, 2008

a p p e a l l e t t e r

takder problem cari problem...huhuuhuhhuhhu...i have been sooooo busy for the last few weeks until i forgot about my payment to my Uni which is due last weekend..Then so happen this U is so strict where lepas je deadline terus email saying that student will be terminated if not comeout with an appeal letter.....huhuhuhhuhh rasa macam nk pitam jer bila baca statement tu...sesuka hati jer nk terminate at least bg la warning ker aper ker...have to consider la those yg keje susah gak nk datang wat payment...

so after received the email i straight g kat office la send the cheque and tried to merayu la for the appealing fees...huhu diorg cakap aper2 pun have to submit appeal letter dulu then the Committee will decide...perrrrrrggghhhh berderau jer rasa...then balik ofis just prepare the letter and sent thru email....tak tau la camner..dah la appeal fees tu agak mahal gak la,....kalau shopping tu dapat la baju office satu suit....huhuhhuhuuh

what eva it is hopefully dapat la consideration from the mgmt....cian me!!!!!!!! :-(

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