Thursday, January 15, 2009

c r a z y o f p e r f u m e

such a crazy salesss.....wahahahaha..starting yesterday we were having a metrojaya sales in our company's lobby...(Menara Maybank)...and they are selling perfumeeeeee, bedsheetttttt and kids punyer baju...summore, its not just a sale, this is sort of warehouse sales....of course u can guess how the price will look like haa....and me and my dear were crazy of that stuff....huhuhuuhhuuhuh perfumeeeee of course we likeyyyyyyy


my dear punye

Our collection from maybank warehouse

it begin like this....yesterday me was thinking tak nak pg lagi since baru 1st day + me was busy with my report..then called my dear and story him about this...aper lagi melompat la dia...hahhahaahhaaha...after work (3 pm) he straight headed to my ofis to go to that warehouse...fuhhhhh the challenge was me gotta meeting @ 5pm...walllaweiiiiii..when he reached at my ofis, just a about my meeting started...hmmm me at that time was like macammanerrrr niiiiiiiiiiiiii...after pakat2 with collegue, i turun dulu bcoz big boss tak sampai lagi...hahhahahhah bila turun we all sempat la pilih2...mmg like crazy...cant u imagine all the perfumes like aigner, salvatore, burberry, CK, prada n bnyk gilerrr lagi and they were selling at cheapesssttt price ever....RM70 - RM150...1 more thing, most of the size is 100ML ok.....

then we all pun menjalankan aper sepatutnyert la...start shooping!!!!!!!! after pilih punyer pilih, kitorg decide to have 3 sorg...then suddenly my collegue called..haha...then me rush naik atas n tinggalkan my hubby dalam warehouse tu sorg...hahahhhaaahahaha cpoor was like sangat gelisah in the meeting....then after present my part i pun chow la...met my dear yg tengah belek2 lipstick sbbb da boring waiting for me,....:-p
we pilih lagi sekali then decide to take only 2 each...agak berat la dunno which one to let go...huhuhuhhuh at last about 7pm manage to let go on of a result 2 perfume for my dear and 2 for me...wahhahahaha n coincidently, all that we bought is set...lagila untung...

my dear chose - YSL L'HOMME + ISSEY MIYAKI

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