Sunday, January 18, 2009

o u t f l o w a g a i n

ala2 accounting gitu title for this post...hehehehehee...after our $$ out for the perfumes now some of our $$ have to out from our pocket phoneeeee has been in trouble for quite some time olredi tp boleh la lagi guna...then suddenly last friday mmg begitu critical n tak boleh nk nolong lagi...

then me terpaksa la guna my old hp which previously has been used as my modem for haave tukar2 la every time nk online...and after a few times macam ni me feel like susah nyerrrr sbb old handphone tu takleh baca sms n tulis sms...just received incoming call jer....

so after thinking n thinking me ajak my dear hubby to go n survey a few cheap model....just to the sake of sms n call 3G no GPS whatsoeva...then after survey n survey me was like tertarik to a few model....then bila pilih2 decide to take sony ericson W380 just becoz model dia cantek n kaler purple n flip n macam ader canggih2 sket depan dia n quite cheap..which my dear hubby weird to my choice sbb cari phone yg cantek jer...hahahhahah that is me....if you all want to know what model it is, here attached below is my new mobile phone...tq dear...:-)

depan phone yg ader sensor tgan for reject incoming call..
phewwwww ok la kn..hahahhaha

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