Thursday, January 15, 2009

p e r f u m e a g a i n

mmg crazy mazy cozy....semua did mentioned in the previous post that we let go 2 perfume....guess me manage to grab that also...huhuhuuhuhuhu last nite me with dear discussing about the perfumer then we were like feel that want to have dat also...walllaaaaweiiii...

then td me menjalankan tugas la...yesterday my dear want to haave a davidoff black then me target to have CK malangnyer CK summer da abes daaaaa...then grab the davidoff 1st la...while me and farah pusing2 cari kot2 ader yg best then me found the Burberry Beat....mmg giler bestttttt bau dia...fuhhhhhhh...after think n think n think ok la...(sowi malas nk snap the perfume) hehehhehehe

then beli lagi no more perfume for 2009....:-) abis kan je la maner yg da beli tuuuuuu.....:-)

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