Monday, April 6, 2009

n e w c o l l e c t i o n

here we go!!!! just posted a few of my new collection of likeeeyyyyy all of them....well the 3 tones of course the latest design in the town rite now, bought it from mckecik...thanks darl....then the grey one, bought it from ARYANI...which is a bit pricey but wearing it makes me forgot about the price...hahaha that's called woman, then the green + pink also from ARYANI..wanted to have this green selendang soo long but dont have a chance to grab it from ARYANI....

p/s: credit to yem sb introduce picasa ni...cumelll...tq tq

1 comment:

twinkle said...

welcome2...hehehe... nanti nk bukok kursus picasa laaa... mCZU sebuk nanye gok..guane wat goni huhuhu