Thursday, June 25, 2009

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seminggu sudah me kerja d tempat baru....hmmm so far ok and still in learning the transition far boleh cope la n rasa macam happy jugak dgn my dont know la when it will hu hu

hari2 ku skrg mmg blurrrr....blurrrr d ofis just nk list some of the things yg effect my new daily routine.....

1. blurrrr sbb kena bangun awal...dulu 6.50 baru bangun tido skrg 6.15

2. blurrrr sbb kena g keje ngan lrt...dulu best jer drive sampai la ke parking tmpt keje

3. blurrrrr sbb tak tau nk breakfast kat maner...dulu macm2 ada kat hawker tmpat kejeku skrg hanya ader rotiboy n cold storage jer pepagi

4. blurrrrr sbb lunch mahal gilerrrrr...dulu RM10 pun tak abis for lunch skrg silap2 RM10 tak cukup for lunch

5. blurrrrr sbb bilik sembhyg kat ofis kecik n tak berapa selesa...dulu bilik smbhyg kat dptmt macam2 boleh buat...berguling, bergolek, berehat etc

tp wateva it is....still ader hikmah di sebaliknyer....and there is still something yg BAEK di sini:

1. skrg balik keje kul 5 so tren mmg tak ramai org..dulu kena tempuh jam tambah2 jln sultan ismail

2. jika ada my rezeki to get pregnant, cost tiada halangan sbb company tnggung...dulu risau gak kalau pregnant sbb tkut duit tak cukup

3. amat suka dgn keje skrg...dulu main buat jer n macam ikut arahan jer then end up stressssssss..takder job satisfaction

these are the thing yg d identified la...the differences...but, its just for my reference and having this make me feel something.. now i realize that many people cannot easily adapt to change...unlike me, alhamdulillah slowly i manage to understand more about my new job, new workplace, new environment and all...and its not as easy as what we think about it....

Looking forward for my future careeer enhancement...insyaAllah will get what i dream...:-) and thanks God for giving me a chance to work with this company as it will give me a lot of colourful experience....

daaaaaaaaaa...merapu2 dah ni....ha ha ha

ta ta....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

m y s i s ' s w e d d i n g

ha ha ha entry dah outdated tak sempat nk hupload...

enjoy da pic!!!!!! malas nk menaip...he he he

the singggahsana

both my sis

Sunday, June 14, 2009


now im blogging from PERMATA, Bangi....trainning centre for Petronas Staff..... actually me wanted to update my blog bile dah abis training ni tp towards the end ni macam dah free teringin plak nk menulis layankan aje.....:-)

yesss PIPE is an induction program for new Petronas executive....and i has something about to blog about it goes

this is actually a 16 days induction course and at first me was very malas to go and was thinking and assume that it would be same with other company's induction course.....after gone thru day y days, its totally wrong and this course makes me feel something different....and makes me feel like 'tak menyesal aku quit from Maybank'.....

the program starts with all the corporate value session i.e. understanding company's mission, vision, objective etc....then proceed with the group works...and they comes with activities like community service where we need to go to one of the rumah kebajikan then camping..the camping part is something new and vwry challenging, then several presentation from several departments and other classes until the end....

i also dunno how to write but will try....frankly speaking after 3 years served my previous company until now i never know my company's corporate value, vision mission wahtsoeva....but i got it in Petronas only for a few days...they really streess about it and it really help me to build up my based....they also very concern about the loyalty and human capital fact it comes with a package where we can use it for our careeer really amazing...and the way they handle and escalate to the lower staff is very good...its like a culture,....this makes me like to comparing with my previous company....

yeah to me its true if we only know all the values of the company but never practise and emphasize about it tak guna gak....and they way Petronas deal with this is really amazing....and the pengisian of the PIPE program mmg real....besides, they never hire the consultant to do the program like other companies did...the faci is those retirees who has retired and Petronas called them to be a faci...this really impress me...they are so loyal and love Petronas......

i think i cannot revealed everything here nantikan jadi kes lain plak...:-p so just keep it in my heart....apologize me if im soooooo excited or watsoeva its a an opinion tak der maksud aper2 and just for the personal purposes.....

looking forwards to report duty this thursday @ KLCC....will blog about it later.....daaaaaaaaaa

p/s: will update the photos soon.....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

o f f to 16 - d a y s c o u r s e

im off to 16-days course...its called PIPE stand for Program Induction for New Petronas will update my blog soooonnnnnnn......