Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Zahid + Nita's CAFE

just to blog about cafe Zahid and Nita which is located @ Wangsa Maju...last weekend my dear wanna try makan kat area2 Restoran Cheng Ho Amy Search tu..then co incidently we found this Studio's Cafe which is tepi kedai Cheng Ho tu ape lagi pucuk di cita la sbb ada la jugak my dear ajak pg cfe zahid ni cuma sebelom ni tak tau kat area maner....

the environment was very good sgt sempoi and relaks and sgt sesuwei lepak2 kat situ...i liiikeee...then we ordered...the price to me is a bit pricey la kot but taknak la judge by its cover we ordered chicken chop for my dear and fish n chip for me...hahahahaah order tu jer??? actuallly we want to order sumthing else which is their preferences la tp dh habis...boleyy?? then i ordered oreo latte ice blended and vanilla shake for hubby...

well the food was ok-ok jer la except the salad...sgt best salad tu sebab dia letak one sauce mentioned by hubby tp i lupa apa nama the best part is the oreo latte ice blended...mmg mengancam those plan nk g sana order la that oreo thingy..mmmg sodappp....

below ada a few photo yg we manage to capture....enjoy!!!!!

the fish n chip

the chicken chop

vanilla shake...yummy

tgh tggu mkan ni...surpriseee! :-p

save the best for the last - oreo latte ice blended..

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