Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Bye 2009 ~ Welcome 2010

pejam celik pejam celik we are at the end of 2009 already....rasa macam baru jer masuk 2009 and biler pikir balik apa yg aku dh achieved, dh buat, apa yg blom di buat apapun life must go on and we will should try the best in our life....

so what about you dear friends....have you got what u have dreamin for 2009?? Hope soooo...btw, mine was ok and boleh dkatakan satisfied and achievable except for golden dream....wanna have baby.....OMG cant wait to have our own baby....InsyaAllah the day will come....Amin.....

btw, for this prosperous 2010 me hope that Allah makbulkan doa kami untuk menimang cahaya mata and at the same of course me sbg hambanyer will keep praying semoga dipermudahkan segalanyer...and jugak supaya dapat menjadi seorg hamba yg beriman kepada yg Satu, menjadi Isteri solehah untuk my hubby, anak yg soleh to my mother and kawan, sahabat n manusia yg disenangi oleh semua.....

k la emough melalut daaaaa.....semoga 2010 will bring us blessingssssss, happinesssss n returnnnnnssssssss

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CFA Annual Dinner

warrrrgggggggg sgt lama nk hupload this entry walaupun ramai yg tnyer.....sabo naaaa....

btw, we had our department dinner 11/11/2009 @ Impiana Hotel KLCC with theme of Hollywood Movie each unit have to do a performance based on the theme that they chose...Our dptment, Financial Services has choosen tema 1001 malam ala2 arabian la....then we have to perform like arab punyer performance....and this performance is actually a competition tau....lucky us, our senior manager sooooo bermurah hati nk sponsor!!!!!!!! then after settle issue2 sepatutnyer we decide to chose Akmal (he is the one yg jd choreographer Ani Mayuni waktu time sehati berdansa dlu)....Akmal very baik and nice person....:-) and handsome plak tu *wink*....
tp malam tu rezeki tidak menyebelahi kami...we manage to get 3rd prize of 5 dptrment.....ok la tuh...heheheheehe....

sooooo lets give the floor to the photo below...enjoyyyyyyy!!!!!!

the invitation card

cover perut...hahahaaha

best dress for male n female :-)

More pics in my FB...daaaaaaa

perihal ikan

me would like to share sumthing about our ikan....something that makes me think and mmg sgt indah ciptaan Allah....

yes we have aquarium @ our new home....adala a few ikan comprise of Puyu, ikan belang2 and ikan comel2 which is tak tau nama hahahaha...but on top of that we also have 2 udang inside the same aquarium....and they all live happily just like us kat Msia...1 Malaysia with bnyk2 kaum...hehhehehe :-p

btw, this happen malam semalam...when only me alone @ home sweet home while darling dear keje....elok jer me dok layan tv sensorang tiba2 air aquarium tu macam berkocak....n its lain dari sebelum nyer...@ 1st rasa cam malam nk bother tp biler dh kuat sajer la g tgk...guess hu hu one of the ikan kecik2 tu dalam dakapan si udang durjana...and air tu berkocak bcoz of the puyu's yg nk menyelamatkan ikan kecik tuh....indahnyer ciptaan Tuhan kan....they all seems like understand and helping each me pun try la ketuk aquarium la kocak2 air aquarium la tp langsung udang tu buat tak layan....and me mmg penakut k hahahahahha bukan aper tak boleh la main ngan benda2 hidup ni...geli kot...hua hua hua.....a few attempts still udang tu tak berganjak...mmg sgt nervous okeh....mmg la benda kecik tp to me sgt kesian malangnyer aku tak leh nk tlg....waktu tu si puyu mmg bersungguh2 nk menyelamatkan kawan dia...sgt terharu okeh...all the ikan berlegar2 la sekeliling udang tu trying to save their friend tp apakan daya si udang tu mmg peluk baek punyer...huhuhuhu....then buzz my bff meena tnyer pndangan nk buat cmner....ha ha she ask me to amik udang tu guna penapis teh....hahhaahaah tak muat la sbb udang tu macam besar jer dr penapis teh umah aku tuh...huhuhuhuh

end up me just biarkan jer sbb mmg dh tak tau nk buat aper....ape lagi call hubby ku soh balik awal sket....tgk ikan...pikir balik macam kelakar tp nk buat camner tu jer yg aku terpikir.....after few minutes biler dh tenang sket me sajer la jenguk nk tgk gak what happen to that ikan...and mmg selamat la....nyawa dia tak panjang...dh selamat hampir separuh badan dia di baham udang durjana tu...sgt emositional waktu tu n rasa me cant do buat bodo jer sambil tggu dear balik....huk huk huk

to me this incident makes me think of it and WOW!!!!! its cool and sangat indah ciptaan Allah ke atas benda2 bernyawa dalam bumi ni...tu baru leh tgk perihal ikan camner la kalau dpaat tgk relationship semut ke nyamuk ke aper2 jer la.....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

testing!!!! testing!!!!

hahahahahaha now im live from office...such a big tak tau la kot hari ni jer yg pun dont know y exactly dapat plak excess nih...

so now bleh la blogging, blog hoping from my tu pun kalau ader masa la...hahahhaha asik dok bz pasal funds company jer....tktau la sempat menyelit ker tak...hahahhahaa

btw, just now, one guy dtg to install sumthing to my PC and i think mmg bcoz of that kot my can access this...hahahhahaha ntah2 dh unblocked wateva yg dh blocked...heheehheeh

Sunday, December 13, 2009

welcoming year 2010

2010 is just around the corner? have you all furnish your wishes? Mine, some has accomplish and some need to carry forward to 2010...well at least we tried kan?? so now kena list balik what are the wishes that dream to be realized in this properous 2010....Happy New Year in advance to all readers.....

btw, last we me received company's planner for 2010...happy writing la nti...:-)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

TAG: about hubby

i've been tagged by Hani(tak reti la nk buat link) hehehhe ....this is actually da 1st time me buat 'tag' thinggy...hehehe dlu dh been tag by ct twinkle tp takder mood nk buat entry about that...sorry yer twingggg...nti mung tag aku buat yer...hehehhehehe

1. First time jumpa with your hubby bila and kat mana
* Me 1st time jumper with dear hubby kat Uitm Merbok waktu ada game inter UITM...:-)
when?? hmmm mmg tak ingt sbb tak tau la waktu tu dia syok kat kita...hehehhehe

2. Love at first sight?
* Frankly speaking, mine tak kot...hehehhe but according to him, 1st time he saw me,
he feel sumthin....kan b?

3. Who is he when the first time u met him?

* The most popular singer @ UiTM Dungun, the most powerful Band la kot kat UiTM Dungun
and dikenali by most of his peminat - Abg Dewa...hua hua hua and one more Penghulu
Cafe Redang...jgn mare ye darling...:-p

4. How long it takes for him to ask u out for a date?
* Tak ingt lorrrr....A months maybe??

5. First place dating di?
* Cafe Redang UiTM Dungun

6. How he proposed?
* Fuhhh berpeluh nk story ni...hmmmm cut it short, actually 4 kali after he proposed me then only i accept him....the 5th times that he proposed is also di Cafe Redang Uitm dungun and but i forgot la how he asked sebenarnyer before he proposed pun me dh
jatuh hati tp biasala lambat sket bertindak...hehehhee

7. Special date with your hubby?
*Couple : 1st April 2005

*Married : 1st Sept 2009

8. Changes that he asked you to do?

* Nothing....He accept me as what I am...sooo suweeetttt

9. What is about him that you love so much?

* All about him....there is no specific...but the reason that me cair with him....he is sooo
romantic and take care of me...:-)

10. What is about him that u wish he would change?
* of course, quit smoking....sorry dear....hope you will do it one day... just for the sake

of your health....

11. You will lose your mind n crack your head when he?
* membebel kot....hehhehe :-p

12. You will smile tru your eyes for the whole day when he?
* Tersasul cakap....ngeeeeee and tertinggal his cigarette at home bile la la la

13. complete below sentences
"My love towards my hubby is as big as...?

* hu hu hu none of the words can describe my LOVE to dear hubby....all i know is just
love him forever and ever.....

Haaaaa now me wanna tag ppl plak.....:-)
1. Farah
2. Nahar
3. Zunaida
4. Koklie

5. Yem

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

parteyyy mode.....

gempaq ajer title tuh kan...hahahhahha well bukan parteyyy apa pun me are just looking forward for our company's dinner this coming friday....:-) and its my 1st dinner pun with my new company....hmmmm camner la ekkk...

btw, the theme is hollywood each unit will have to dress based on their own theme la...for my unit, we choose the '1001 malam'...ala2 Arabian la...actually me pun tak tau saper yg choose...hahahhahh adala tu we have to dress ala2 arab gitu....

yesterday, manage to find one costume shop and due to limited time, sewa jer la kat situ...hahahahha tak tau la camner nanti.......mcm sexy jer baju tuh...huhuhuh the kaler RED pulak tuh...haih.....

on top of that, each unit will perform jugak...and its competition...WOW!!!!! hahhaahah for our unit, our SM telah bermurah hati nk sponsor we all hire one professional (read: ex-choreographer Ani Mayuni dalam sehati berdansa) mggu ni im quite bz with the dance training...hahahha

hmmm have to stop now la otherwise semua cerita bocor nanti...hahahhahaah will update about the dinner later.....daaaaaaa

Zahid + Nita's CAFE

just to blog about cafe Zahid and Nita which is located @ Wangsa Maju...last weekend my dear wanna try makan kat area2 Restoran Cheng Ho Amy Search tu..then co incidently we found this Studio's Cafe which is tepi kedai Cheng Ho tu ape lagi pucuk di cita la sbb ada la jugak my dear ajak pg cfe zahid ni cuma sebelom ni tak tau kat area maner....

the environment was very good sgt sempoi and relaks and sgt sesuwei lepak2 kat situ...i liiikeee...then we ordered...the price to me is a bit pricey la kot but taknak la judge by its cover we ordered chicken chop for my dear and fish n chip for me...hahahahaah order tu jer??? actuallly we want to order sumthing else which is their preferences la tp dh habis...boleyy?? then i ordered oreo latte ice blended and vanilla shake for hubby...

well the food was ok-ok jer la except the salad...sgt best salad tu sebab dia letak one sauce mentioned by hubby tp i lupa apa nama the best part is the oreo latte ice blended...mmg mengancam those plan nk g sana order la that oreo thingy..mmmg sodappp....

below ada a few photo yg we manage to capture....enjoy!!!!!

the fish n chip

the chicken chop

vanilla shake...yummy

tgh tggu mkan ni...surpriseee! :-p

save the best for the last - oreo latte ice blended..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Part 3: New House

hmmm been busy with sooo many things...well this is the last hupdates on our new crib....:-)
we manage to move in few days before balik raya haji....huhuuhhuuh and me has a story about lorry that we upah angkat barang....sooo if anyone of you nk sewa lory boleh la berhati2 lepas nih...

actually me dear hubby mmg dok bz survey2 rege lorry yg nk pindah ni..yer la taknak la yg mahal kan...mahal ooooo sewa lorry ni tambah2 we all nk sewa ngan org2 skali..yer la takan nk angkut sendiri...berat survey punyer survey dapat la the cheapest for lorry 1T which is RM180 with org yg tlg 1st we were like weird gk la sbb the price was like a bit far from the nk jugak try...

then hari yg d tggu tiba....guess what order lorry 1T yg dtg lorry 2T...apo laie hubby ku 'meloncat' la...hahhaha diorg cakap sbb brg aku bnyk n tak muat...macam diorg dh dtg tgk dlu la before ni kan....ha ha ha actually kitorg tak kisahla kalau brg tak muat ker aper ke tp at least inform la earlier kan...suggest ke aper ker...then dan2 tu bg rege RM400 for all....lagila 'meloncat' n bengang we all nego la lg yer la mmg nk guna lorry pun last dapat la RM300 for all....habis 1 babak...

lepas tu angkut la semua barang2..guess what ...tak muat pulak...cant u imagine, lorry 2T tak muat semua brg we all yg hanya dok flat 2 bilik ok...takkan nk sewa treller kot biler we all tgk rupanyer diorg tidurkan semua brg2 tu...i.e. almari n all semua melintang sbb dia cakap tak bleh bersiri kan nanti kena saman...mmg la diorg terror kan sbb pasang penutup kat blkg tu rendah...siot jer...pastu pandai plak suggest 2 trip and double the payment...fuhhhhhhh menyengat jer aku rasa.....mmg agak tensi la waktu tu...then pikir punyer pikir baru la ingat one of my bff's family diorg ada van yg kitorg guna untuk pindah before this...terus call n dia agree in fact bapak dia dh ada lorry kitorg just deal ngan dia jer for the balance of the barang....haihhhh dugaan betul.....thanks sooo muh to farah n faiz yg tlg we all settlekan the remaining barang the next day nyer.....

sooo kengkawan, kalau nk pindah pls be careful k.....k la daaaaa enjoy the last pic dalam rumah yg looks like tongkang pecah...hahhahhahaha

then after a while bertungkus lumus ni la hasilnyer...sempat la kemas sket2 before berlepas balik raya..:-)

langsir yg d salah tafsir...hahahah ingatkan corak menegak rupanyer melintang daaaaa...
nasib la aku tak amik corak ni buat tuk sliding door...hua hua hua

now we are happily stay in here...:-)