Saturday, March 20, 2010

all in one

been a long time since the laast hupdate ha! me has sooo many things to update but believe it or not i have limited time nowadays....wallaweiiiiiiii

school update

welll sooo many things happen recently in my life...starting with last semester where specialization semester begin and I have taken 2 Islamic subject..Pergghhh this was the tough sem for me i guess...stress is everywhere during this semester..when the lecturer talking about all the Islamic Terms in Arabic and me was just like terlopong....and for both subjects Ok....on top of that we were sooo busy as assignment given was like a heavy assisgnment...mmg totally to the max....Tuhan jer la yg tahu betapa i need a break...tu blom campur ngan commitment keje lagi...

btw, i actually decided to change my specialization from Islamic Banking to Finance...even tho that was the main reason i chose to further in UIA but due to certain reason i have to change it. One of the reason due to my current work commitment where it requires a lot of finance knowledge in it and another thing is my personal motive. ha ha ha macam aper jer...actually last time i use to chose islamic bnkg bcoz of the preparation for me in order to apply lecturer position in the future but having this 2 subjects make me thinnk again n again n again. And end up, i would conclude that even tho i can score in this specialization subjects i think i am not capable to deliberate the knowledge to the others. I have really2 limited knowledge in Islamic Banking. Therefore, I would rather chose Finance which I think it will benefited me the most. Just pray to Allah that this would be the best way for me to move on. InsyaAllah...

hmmm actually the result has come out and Alhamdulillah I pass the subjects even tho tak dapat A...ok la kan?? Sooo happy about it after gone thru all the discrepancies during the semester.....ha ha ha

Work work Work

My work become double nowadays... hu hu hu its really challenging for me...last time we use to have 2 execs in my unit to handle domestic and overseas treasury operation. But since this year, my collegue has move to International operation and left me alone to cover both portfolio...everyday is a hectic day for me and by the time smpai umah batery kong already....hahahahaah but i still can smile....and dont even merungut having all these....y? bcoz im doing what i wanna do....i just enjoy me work and really happy with what im doing now....:-)

what else to update....tak bley pikir dlu la....will write again soon...daaaaaaaa

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