Sunday, May 30, 2010

mission accomplished!!!

there you go!!!! the mission started when there was sudden conversations between me n hubby (*based on true story so kalau rasa2 meluat ke apa ker just click the X button ok? just wanted to record all here as this has sentimental value for us) :

Friday 2.30pm otw to facial session ~

me: b, if you were given a choice, which one do you prefer?
hubby: ??? what choice

me: choice between sunglasses or jersey liverpool yg baru..
hubby: hurmmmm tak aciiii...maner bleh pilih....

me: boleyyyy???
hubby: *ayat cover* maner leh pilih nti tak surprise la...b nk tgk syg pandai pilih ke tak..
me: wakakkaa saper ckp nk bg hadiah org tnyer jer *wink wink*

both silence....suddenly

me: b, syg rasa macam nk beli spec baru la...saje nk beli yg ok sket....(me telling
him w/o any heart feeling) i just say it out, out of sudden

hubby terus bukak dashboard to take my sunglasses. OMG!!! the frame dh patah....huhuhuhu
suddenly toinggggggg...rasanye semalam tak pecah lagi...its really2 weird...sbb spec tu mmg tak pecah pun....huhuhhuhu

me & Hubby: Jom kt g survey sunglasses nk?
hubby: ok while syg buat facial, b g tgk2 k?
me: okaiiiiii

then the mission started. Initially survey only okeh...then once i have done with my facial we walk in all kedai spec dlm Wangsawot to survey...hmmm seems like hubby found his favourite in one of the shop there ...ok now another drama begin..He refuse to buy if i not buy mine...walllaaaweiiii its not that i don't want but mine is not there....Then he insist to survey to other mall....ok here u go again, we went to JJ Setiawangsa, JJ Wangsa Maju and one small shop near Wangsawalk...nah mine was @ that small shop...butttt..its BURBERRY and the price of course la 4 angka kan....even the tokey giving us like 50% off but still the price was well above our budget..huhuhuhu then after a while, we were like to start fighting already sbb my hubby minat to that spec but he dont want to buy just because i did not found mine...huhuuhuhuhu gerammm jer rasa....after all we just went back when darlingdear said this:

hubby: syg, b rasa kita ni ikut perasaan sgt la...jom kita balik n kita pikir betul2 dlu nak??
me: *thinking* okey...(even tho my heart and mind still @ that Burberry). Girls always
like that. trust me!


me: are we serious to buy the sunglasses??
hubby: yes go ahead
me: yessss!!!!! okaiii...esok while you working i will go surveying and by 3pm we go and buy.. Deal??
hubby: okeh!!!

me apa lagi...once mandate dh bg soooo misi mencari bermula went thru all the optometris yg terlintas kat depan mata still couldn't find then headed to Pavi...yeah got some design yg berkenan @ Nine West but mcm the price was not worth to the design and material. So decided not to....then after pickup my hubby from hotel, we headed to Bukit Bintang area since a lot of shops were there. and yes after pusing2 me found out mine @ one of the shop there. yeayyyy the design suits me, the price is worth and whatelse, just grab it. hahahhahahha then after that headed to Wangsa Walk again to buy the one that he admired. Initially he was berkenan to Guess's design but apparently when i asked him to try on one design by Georgio Armani, and guesss what that design suits him more that the other....hahahhahah penat jer patah balik kat situ kan last2 design lain yg ok....oh ya, actually he has choose mine as he says that design suit me mcm i pilih utk dia and dia choose for me la....i liiiikkkeeeeeee...:-p

So, the chosen one is below.....enjoy the piccasssssss......:-)

~ mine~



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