Wednesday, June 16, 2010


immmm soooooo not in d goood mood....sooo many thingssss in my mind...ya Allah give me the strength to face all this.....I wish to scribble all the things that cracked my head here, but I just can't.....I really need a break...and definitely will take a break after the last paper next week....I really need my dear hubby be at my side...Thanks GOD I have u dear as my lovely husband...OMG!!!!!! I don't like this feeling and wanna get rid of that.......

Sunday, June 13, 2010


everywhere is worldcup now...WC fever in all over the do my hubby here....but nasib la bukan yg jenis suka melayan bola d kedai mamak..:-) kalau sekali sekala ok je tp kalau jenis yg asal bola jer ke kedai mamak ...eiiiii mintak jauh..:-)

so biler dh nengok WC tu mestila ada team feberet...hmmm me takder faberet pun...but my hubby fans of me pun follow jewww :-p

hmmm biler dh musim bola ni alamatnyer tak boleh la nengok citer lain..huk huk takperla since its once in 4 years so kasi can lahhh...:-)

k la donno what to story lagi la...sbb tak tau nk citer aper...hik hik hik

go ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!! (*wink! wink!*)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

LBS *con't*

nak jugak comment on the Lagenda Budak Setan here..... belom terlambat kot..:-p
well, me watched that movie last weekend and feel very excited to watch this do my hubby after me explaining about the novel to him...yeahh lucky to have u dear which would want to layan that kind of movie with me. bcoz i know some of the 'lelaki' wouldnt want to watch that kind of movie....huhuhhuhu jiwang la konon...buwekkkkkk

first of all yeah i would not compare the novel with the movie. Of course as all of us know, novel mestilah lg best than the movie as we can feel all the items and situation yg penulis tu describe kan...ok to me the movie was good...i can give 4.5 out of 5 kot...maybe its tooo high but suka hati la...hahahhaaha

jalan cerita was ok...and me like the way they covered the story...sbb most of the story in novel covered even not in detail... especially when farid kamil recognized perfume yg Ayu pakai...dlm novel it mentioned that Ayu was wearing Beautiful, Estee Lauder...things like that are important as it takes directly from novel. btw, sbb baca novel ni la me teringin nk pakai that pefume...hahaahaahha and luckily my dear hubby give me Beautiful perfume on my birthday masa bercinta cintun dlu...:-)

lakonan farid kamil and lisa to me are great..good combinations. and lisa sangat chantekk!!!! and ayu pun not bad la wpun pelakon baru...hmmm think wanna watch that again la...saje suka2...ngeeeeee btw, citer ni can make me cry okeh even tho ramai yg cakap citer ni takleh buat diorg nangesss..hahhahah feeling lebeyyyy kot...:-p

daaaaaaa...happy watching

Friday, June 4, 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan

Yeayyyyyyyy!!!!!! gonna watch this movie tonite with my darlingdear......will update the stories laterrrrrr....

as all of us know, this is a movie yg d adaptasi from novel wrote by Ahadiat Akashah...such a lovely novel. Me read this novel when i was in form 3, year 1998. Yess mmg dh lama okeh novel ni..mmg salute to the pengarah who wants to direct this movie. Such a good try....:-)

well my expectation of this movie of course not as good as the novel. Bukan nk under esstimate tp normally mmg mcm tu...sbb feel bila baca n nonton mmg la lain if the pengarah is able to direct as good as the novel me likeeeeee it......

we will seee ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!