Friday, June 4, 2010

Lagenda Budak Setan

Yeayyyyyyyy!!!!!! gonna watch this movie tonite with my darlingdear......will update the stories laterrrrrr....

as all of us know, this is a movie yg d adaptasi from novel wrote by Ahadiat Akashah...such a lovely novel. Me read this novel when i was in form 3, year 1998. Yess mmg dh lama okeh novel ni..mmg salute to the pengarah who wants to direct this movie. Such a good try....:-)

well my expectation of this movie of course not as good as the novel. Bukan nk under esstimate tp normally mmg mcm tu...sbb feel bila baca n nonton mmg la lain if the pengarah is able to direct as good as the novel me likeeeeee it......

we will seee ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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