Thursday, July 29, 2010

darah ouhh darah

hahahaha yesterday me and 2 of my collegue went to blood donation @ klcc was organized by our HSE team....hurmmm knowing me, i like to derma darah...ntah la rasa macam puas dpt derma darah....:-) ye la nk derma benda lain dh susah derma darah jer least with my little help tu dapt selamatkan those yg in needs of blood...
i use to donate my blood since UiTM lagi then twice when I was in Maybank and now in Petronas...hopefully will donate again in the future. :-) btw, i know some of us when it comes to blood donation ni bnyk excuses yg pernah me dgr i.e. sorry la aku tak breakfast la, tak cukup tido la hari ni, owh aku ada amik ubat semalam, i takut jarum la...hahahahha what ever it is, its up to you la kan its your own blood. But sometimes, y not we sacrifice our fears just to help those ppl yg really memerlukan...( dh jadi duta pusat darah ker ni? ) hehehehhe just a lil tot to ponder..:-)
hurm to those interested, i have put some information/facts on the BLOOD DONATIONS:
Benefits Of Blood donation
Doing good to someone in need not only helps the needy but also gives a psychological satisfaction to the donor. One of the easiest, but valuable donations is the donation of blood for the needy. It not only has the power of giving a new life to the lucky recipient, but also offers numerous health benefits to the donor. The health benefits of donating blood include:

1.Beneficial for the human heart.
Increase in the levels of iron in blood makes a person prone to the risk of heart diseases. Excessive iron present in the blood causes oxidation of cholesterol. The product of oxidation gets deposited on the walls of arteries, increasing the chances of heart attack and strokes. Regular blood donation helps to maintain level of iron in blood, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases.

2.Boosts the production of red blood cells.
Donation of blood reduces the number of red blood cells in the blood. The bone marrow immediately replenishes the lost number of RBCs. As a result the blood of donor is refreshed every time the blood is donated. Therefore blood donation helps to stimulate the production of new blood cells.

3.Helps in weight loss.
Blood donation is the easiest method of diet and burning calories. Donating about 450 ml helps to burn approximately 650 calories in the donor’s body. It is thus helpful in weight loss. (so org ckp derma darah boleh gain weight tu mitos aje la yek...:-) )

4.Aids in fighting hemochromitosis
Hemochromitosis or iron overload disorder is a genetic disorder in which iron gets accumulated in the body tissue. The main cause of this problem is improper metabolism of iron in the body. This condition can even lead to organ damage. People with small iron overload can easily donate blood and lower their blood iron content. This will help to fight this disease and such blood is safe for the recipients as the problem is of genetic origin.

5.Makes the donor psychologically rejuvenated.
Donating a priceless thing to a needy, gives the donor a psychological satisfaction. Elderly people feeling revitalized or reenergized by donating blood regularly.

6.Donors automatically warned of serious illnesses.
The blood of donor is tested before each donation. The tests include HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis and malaria. The donor is informed about the positivity of any such disease.

Just spent an hour relaxing and donating blood every two months. This will not only give you the joyous feeling of helping a needy but also provide numerous benefits to your health.
Hurmm so, hope this information helps to increase you some knowledge.

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