Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bali Day 3: Seminyak & Jimbaran

It such a release when we 1st saw our hotel in Semnyak...its really nice and worth it...mcm org ckp la save the best for the last..hahahahah rasa macam bestnyer kalau we stayed here for all 3 days...tkper la nk wat camno...
btw, we stay in Mutiara Bali and booked superior room tp tiba2 full pulak that day...apa lagi dpt free upgrade la...then dpt la upgrade to family room..cantik n besar la kan...hahahhhaaha mmg excited giler rasa cam nk dok bilik jer...hahahaha
enjoy la some of the piccass below:

with our supir, Pak Made

infront of our hotel at seminyak

After check in and have some rest, petangnyer we headedto Jimbaran for Seafood Dinner at Sunset...pergghhh mmg best and romantic gitewww....huhuhhuh price pun mmg cheap and food pun freshhh...sgt bestttt....area tu mmg happening with macam2 show...we like it soooo much...and sure we will come again....

Well I think thats the end of the story la kot...On the next day before we flew back to KL sempat la pegi shopping sket2 kat Kuta for last souvenier...ouh btw, pengajaran for us, jgn la beli souvenier kat kedai yg supir stop better beli kat shopping complex or kedai2 yg kat street sbb the price mmg la far cheaper...hahahha nasib la we oll tak borong bnyk sgt kat kedai yg pak made benti hari tu....
cant wait for our next holiday May next year...woohoooooo...daaaaaaa

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