Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From BALI with LOVE

hahahahha title tak hengatt...after a few weeks from our hols now only macam ada mood sket nk hupdate belog ni...Since its gonna take a long story of Bali I better put it in separate post la kot...senang u all nk baca....* wink* ada ke org baca belog ku ni ek... *wink* ada kotttt.....:-)
well we went there for 4D3N and we slept 2 nights in Ubud and 1 night @ Seminyak...hurmmm we reach Denpasar airport pun dh mlm around 8++ sampai2 je our supir dh tggu kat airport..nama dia Made Sari...Then we headed straight to Ubud. Distance from Airport to Ubud ada la dlm 1 hour camtu...We stayed at Casa Ganeisha Hotel kat Ubud booked via asiarooms website which we managed to get cheaper rate than the official website offered.
Below are some of the picture taken at hotel. Its not like hotel yg tinggi2 tu but more like resort la...and one thing, people in Bali ni very traditional and ikut pada diorg punyer adat istiadat.... So in Ubud, all the design hotel dia lebih kurang sama jer... They have a small pintu like our house tu infront then kat dlm baru la hotel aka resort tu...very unique and somehow we cannot see other hotel inside...In fact, according to Pak Made, if anyone wants to build a buiding in Bali they need to build it in Bali style. So tak boleh kalau nk main design jer...huhuhuhuhu
Enjoy some piccass here....

Hotel monument once entered via pintu kecil infront of the hotel

View from coffee house...

Our room

Ni adalh d 1st restaurant otw to Ubud..Everyone must wear the flower..

Continue in next post....daaaaaa

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