Thursday, July 29, 2010

darah ouhh darah

hahahaha yesterday me and 2 of my collegue went to blood donation @ klcc was organized by our HSE team....hurmmm knowing me, i like to derma darah...ntah la rasa macam puas dpt derma darah....:-) ye la nk derma benda lain dh susah derma darah jer least with my little help tu dapt selamatkan those yg in needs of blood...
i use to donate my blood since UiTM lagi then twice when I was in Maybank and now in Petronas...hopefully will donate again in the future. :-) btw, i know some of us when it comes to blood donation ni bnyk excuses yg pernah me dgr i.e. sorry la aku tak breakfast la, tak cukup tido la hari ni, owh aku ada amik ubat semalam, i takut jarum la...hahahahha what ever it is, its up to you la kan its your own blood. But sometimes, y not we sacrifice our fears just to help those ppl yg really memerlukan...( dh jadi duta pusat darah ker ni? ) hehehehhe just a lil tot to ponder..:-)
hurm to those interested, i have put some information/facts on the BLOOD DONATIONS:
Benefits Of Blood donation
Doing good to someone in need not only helps the needy but also gives a psychological satisfaction to the donor. One of the easiest, but valuable donations is the donation of blood for the needy. It not only has the power of giving a new life to the lucky recipient, but also offers numerous health benefits to the donor. The health benefits of donating blood include:

1.Beneficial for the human heart.
Increase in the levels of iron in blood makes a person prone to the risk of heart diseases. Excessive iron present in the blood causes oxidation of cholesterol. The product of oxidation gets deposited on the walls of arteries, increasing the chances of heart attack and strokes. Regular blood donation helps to maintain level of iron in blood, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases.

2.Boosts the production of red blood cells.
Donation of blood reduces the number of red blood cells in the blood. The bone marrow immediately replenishes the lost number of RBCs. As a result the blood of donor is refreshed every time the blood is donated. Therefore blood donation helps to stimulate the production of new blood cells.

3.Helps in weight loss.
Blood donation is the easiest method of diet and burning calories. Donating about 450 ml helps to burn approximately 650 calories in the donor’s body. It is thus helpful in weight loss. (so org ckp derma darah boleh gain weight tu mitos aje la yek...:-) )

4.Aids in fighting hemochromitosis
Hemochromitosis or iron overload disorder is a genetic disorder in which iron gets accumulated in the body tissue. The main cause of this problem is improper metabolism of iron in the body. This condition can even lead to organ damage. People with small iron overload can easily donate blood and lower their blood iron content. This will help to fight this disease and such blood is safe for the recipients as the problem is of genetic origin.

5.Makes the donor psychologically rejuvenated.
Donating a priceless thing to a needy, gives the donor a psychological satisfaction. Elderly people feeling revitalized or reenergized by donating blood regularly.

6.Donors automatically warned of serious illnesses.
The blood of donor is tested before each donation. The tests include HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis and malaria. The donor is informed about the positivity of any such disease.

Just spent an hour relaxing and donating blood every two months. This will not only give you the joyous feeling of helping a needy but also provide numerous benefits to your health.
Hurmm so, hope this information helps to increase you some knowledge.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

what we did on weekend....

ouhhh my.....tell me about it..its all about shopping....hahahahaha not that we just earned our bonus or what its just kind of retail theraphy for both of us after some of the things happened...well life must go on...and we should reward ourself rite....

there you go saturday after class we went to IKEA.....and yes its IKEA sale...oh ppl, please go there ya as I saw some of the things really cheap and worth buying....and Sunday??? we went to LOWYAT...we both had fun and relief....after this sendiri mau ingat la sbb dh bnyk $$$ gone!!! will update the piccas later....

daaaaa..going to explore some of our new gadget....:-)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

something is not good

i am not feeling good these few days...donno wut started last wednesday where I start to feel like soooo lembik...and only go back @ sharp 5pm will do....then straight headed to home ended up jelepok jer kt sofa...very unproductive....then i have problem in poo poo...OMG...its like having diarhea *ignore the spelling pls* but does not effect my stomach...sooo it leads to my ignorant...sbb kalau diarhea mestila perut memulas but not at all...

then it become worst when i feel loya2...ohhhh I wish that was a pregnancy symptom...but mind u my period is even yet to due...sgt annoying okeh when feel nk muntah tp tak muntah....huhuhuhuhhu

the worst thing is, this weekend is supposed to be 'our weekend' as we purposely applied leave just to have our quality time...yeah we only can planned and everything is from Allah....well planned to watched semi final WC gone when i just slept in front of TV and my hubby alone watched it....huhuhhuuhhuuh and my sunday is more terrrible...we went out headed to Bkt Bintang (will update in later post on about the thing waiting me @ bkt bintang) but tak sempat menapak pun i started sakit....OMG Tuhan jer yg tahu....mmg dizzy all the way, until sesak nafas...then my hubby decided to just go home...but by condition become worst....huhuuhuhhu and all i wanted is just clinic...mmg sgt sesak nafas n i just in pain...but donno how to darling mmg panic and we just go to area sentul to find clinic yg bukak on Sunday...ouhhh before that as i almost @ clinic suddenly my body kebas...OMG masa tu i feel semut2 all over my body especially both hands and muka....yaAllahh mmg sgt panic ok n my hubby were just drive and sambil2 picit my hand...i feel like my mouth become berkeromot (donno ada ke tak this words) feel like my face mengucup...huhhuhuhuhhu then realizing all that me trying again n again to strech urut2 my mouth and nose...sgt takut ok...and all in my minds is just STROKE....NO!!!!!!!!!! reached @ clinic straight go into doc's room and i knew that he also panicked...then i just story to him and he said i may be allergic to someting thats all...he give me ubat allergic on the spot and ask me to the same time he instructed his staff to prepare with the oksigen as i cant breath deeply...and you know what!!!!! the assistant said that he couldnt find the wire and all...OMG again...but i just calm and try to husband was busy urut sana sini just to give me relief...thanksss so muchhhh dear for being there....and sorry to ruin our plan....after like half an hour me feel a lil bit ok but still dizzy and kebas dh kurang...but still weak...the doc keeep saying that i am ok and just rest....and he just assume me was allergic to someting w/o do any check up...

then apa lagi, after that we went to another clinic just to satisfied ourselves... and the doctor was ok and do some least he tgk whether my darah naik ke tak...Alhamdulillah my blood normal so its not stroke....he check my breathing and after all he said that i might be allergic but its not confirmed...but for sure he said this is the symptom when ppl less calcium in their body....OMG its just calcium and it can go worst like that....huhuhhuuhuhu....and logik la kalau that was the reason since i never consumed fresh milk for my body....i just cant....huuhhuhuhuhu

to readers outthere, i just mumbling about this incident here just to let all of you aware that calcium is important in our body...and this is for myself also...huhuhhuhu and now i am blogging while waiting final WC @ 2 am....

*this is a result when im trying to stretch my nose and mouth while the kebas thingy looks like pecah darah or darah beku....huuhhuhuhuh tak tau la by tuesday sempat hilang ke tak....

hope my body recover soon as i have a lot of things to setttle for my good health ya...

Monday, July 5, 2010


yup i am bz rite now..rasa macam lagi bz dr time ada kelas hari tu...mau taknyer time2 cuti sem ni la macam2 benda nk buat....huhuuhuhhu... nk g situ nk g sana nk buat benda tu nk buat benda ni.....

now bz'ing' with kerja...since kelas n assignment dh tkder so apa lagi time ni la boleh focus keje lebey sket....and now jugak me bz surveying accomodation n ground arrangement for our next honeymoon trip..cant wait...:-)

hurmm donno wat to update dh...btw, so many things happen to me lately but its just that I cant reveal it here....ya Allah kuatkan lah semangat ku....amin....