Saturday, December 31, 2011

keep 2011 in our memories...WELCOME 2012....

Wishing all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Alhamdulillah, Allah masih panjangkan umur kita untuk menikmati suka duka untuk tahun sebelumnye sehingga 2011...we never know what will happen in the future and untill that we should be grateful what we have now and keep on praying for the better life in future....May 2012 bring the blessing and the happiness in our life...InsyaAllah....

So, to recap of what have been achieved and not, I couldn't really remember one by one. But the most importantly and all I know, I an still alive and has a lovely husband beside me, families, great friends..all of them were the gift from Allah to me...I am soo blessed..

For year 2011, as far as I could remember, of course my ultimate wish for every year still yet to come...We are still 2 and yet to become 3...But we never stopped pray and keep on praying for that. Mungkin itu yg terbaik untuk kami buat masa sekarang...InsyaAllah when the times come we can have a little one in our family...

Oh btw, there are actually two great achievement in my life for 2011, 
1. InsyaAllah we will be moving in soon to our 'own crib' ..That wish has never been planned for 2011 before but Alhamdulillah kita merancang Tuhan yg menentukan....
2. Guess what, I manage to cut off my weight by 10kgs in 2011...walllaaaaweiiiiiii its real okeh...even tho after raya naik balik sikit but I am still maintaining it...ada la naik turun sikit along the way but I am far away from my weight in Dec 2010.....alhamdulillah....

As for 2012,
1. To continously improving my self untuk menjadi seorang Isteri yg solehah to my lovely 
2. Semoga Allah makbulkan doa kami to have baby in our family
3. To reduce more kgssssssss :-)
4. NO VACATION for 2012...waaaaaaaaaaa (but dear husband said, dlm Msia to be   
    considered plus Brunei) oke lah dr takder langsung...hihihhiihi

K la, semoga this coming year ahead will bring us more blessing in our life....daaaaaaaaa...

My new obsession

yes this is my new obsession...i am sooooo into Korean Moveeesss/drama currently...hahahhahha been there last time during uni time but now it come again...maybe sbb dh lama stopped kot so bila dh start balik and since im free now mmg la besst kann..

btw, it started with this seriess.....SCENT OF WOMAN

Mula2 'tertengok' dekat chanel 393 and tak sangka its 1st apa lagi saje la layan..skali best la pulak..terus follow all series (thanks astro beyond.hihihihi) after few episodes lagi la rasa best..terus pegi beli DVD boleyyyy??? sbb tak sabar nk tggu..hahahha 

mula2  tgk citer mcm geram kt heroin (Kim Sun Ah) sbb macam tua sket nk compare ngan hero(Lee Dong Wok) yg sgt hensem lama2 ok...mmg dh kena dh diorg berlakon dua org..hiiihhiihi

Ni la pelakon utama citer Scent of Woman ni..(yg tgh2 dua org tu hero n heroin nyer) ouh btw, hero n heroin citer ni baru jer dtg Malaysia tuk promotion ciater ni few weeks back...sorry im not going sbb tak tau kat maner and tau pn mmg dh terlambat..hihihhhihih kalu tahu maybe pegi jugak kot..:-p hihiihhi

overall citer ni mmg besssttt!!! looking for more drama/movee from Lee Dong Wok..hiihihihihi

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Welcome to the family...Nur Amani

Alhamdulillah, my lovely sister has safely delivered a healthy baby girl on 2nd day of AidilAdha this year...So I have sepasang ank buah best....btw, her name is Nur Amani binti Shahrul Azuandi...cant wait to see Amani....InsyaAllah maklong will see u in December...:-) 

ouhhhhh her face is copy cat her brother, Arsyad which is totally like my sister...hahaahahahahaha later I will find the picture and put side by side...hahahahaa...

Welcome to the family Amani :-)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

terasing d blog sendiri

hahahaha title tak bleh blah...btw, I'm having problem for almost a month to log in to my blog....tried to log in from several computers already but to no avail...I dont know why such thing happen and I am really pissed off....sooo many things to story here but bila dh simpan lama2 tau jer la...citer pun dh lapuk...btw, will search in my 'permanent hard disk' again on the past stories and will story all of them in my next post....(hopefully ingt lagi la...) heheheheheh

nwayy dashboard has changed haa...I loiikee the new one! daaaaaaaaa

Monday, October 17, 2011

from BANDUNG with LOVE

We will be on leave for 4 days starting tomorrow....what a blessed...where to???

BANDUNG here we come.....lallalalalaa....this time no more scenary2 places just shopping spree, enjoying the foods and relax2 only....cant wait......daaaaaaaa.....

Another achievement in my life...syukur Alhamdulillah MBA journey has officially end on 8 October 2011..Thanks Allah for giving me strength and passion to complete this program...The 2 years journey is such a tough time to me....and my deepest appreciation goes to my lovely Husband yg give his cooperation and support me at the fullest....ouh my...I dont think I am able to finish this without his support...thanks again...and also to the family yg every time jumpa ajer the same question they will ask was, "tak abis lagi?", "bila habis MBA?" and things like that...hahahahahaah yes now I done!!!!

so what's next??? PHD??? ouh maybe not now...:-) insyaAllah later...I think I am more to ACCA first before PHD...hurmmmm still thinking about that..For now, I just want to spend my quality time with dear Hubby....relax kejap kot...hahaha babiess is my 1st in the list and travel come after that....yeehaaaaa....

k lah enjoy some pics from the convocation last week...malas nk upload bnyk...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Never make woman cry......

I have read this quote in some friend's post in FB today....and feel touch and like it very much....

My God, why women always cry??


Kerana wanita itu unik, aku ciptakannya sebagai makhluk istimewa

Ku kuatkan bahunya untuk menjaga anak-anaknya,

ku lembutkan hatinya untuk memberi rasa aman,

ku kuatkan rahimnya untuk menyimpan benih manusia,

ku teguhkan peribadinya untuk terus berjuang pada saat yg lain menyerah,

ku berikannya naluri untuk mencintai anak-anak dlm apa jua keadaan sekalipun,

ku kuatkan batinnya untuk tetap menyayangi walau dikhianati oleh teman,

walau di sakiti oleh "orang" yang dia sayangi,

wanita makhluk kuat, tetapi jika satu saat dia menangis itu kerana ku berikannya air mata

untuk membasuh luka batin dan memberi kekuatan baru....

Ouhh my......what a beautiful woman we, love yourself before you love others.....:-)

The Secret Life of NORA

hi peeps. went to watch this teater last saturday....well I love teater so muchh...i think i like it more that moviess in cinema....hahhaha but knowing the tix price quite expensive, tak bleh la tgk all the teater kan...need to select the best one to last Saturday went to watch The Secret Life of Nora....Btw, its a complimentary pass from RHB Bank...thanksss so muchhhoooo..and we got the RM200++ tix which is superb seat with the great location...sgt besttt!!!!

Overall, the story line ok ok la...its more to comedy teater actually...the main actor and actress was "mat salleh - lupa nama dia" and tiara...Adibah Nor and Tony pun ada jugak...they are all best....its a teater musical and all the voices mmg la sgt sedap...huuhuh meremang bulu those interested nk tgk bleh la pegi cari tix yer....:-)

daaaaaa....enjoy some pics....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Beautiful Roses that make my day......

1st day kerja after 1 week holiday mmg la sgt malas...semua bluess pun datang...huhuhuhuhu di tambah lagi dgn issue2 kat office ni yg ntah apa2 and menyerabutkan this morning really make my day..thanks dear...such a lovely flowers....


p/s: Thanks dear...hope many years ahead will bring us more blessing and happiness....

Friday, September 2, 2011

It's FOUR has been 4 years we have been sharing our bedroom together....I am so blessed to be given such a wonderful husband in my life... this is such a great gift from Allah....yesterday, 1 Sept 2011 was our 4th anniversary...and really cant believe we have been together for 4 years...rasa macam baru je lagi kawin...hehe maybe that is why biler pegi maner2 ada je org terkejut and tak percaya we are married couple...hehehehe :-p

btw, throughout this 4 years of journey, of course there has been joy, cheer, sad, tears and a lot of mixed feelings...but Alhamdulillah we manage to sort things well and never regret about it. We just love each other and never get enough love both....well, this year we still have no addition to our small family...maybe rezeki kami belum ada lagi.Allah knows best for us.,,.hopefully one day, it will come to cherish our beautiful life....amin....

Dear Husband, thanks for being such a great husband to me...and I dont have the words to show how much that I love you.....You are the one and only in my life... and I wish that our love will last forever and ever after.....Thanks and love you so much darling!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri




both sgt gemmsss on 2010's raya..hahahaha

to all celebrate Raya @ Kg Halaman, drive safely and enjoy ur momentsss..For me, still yet to decide where to Raya this year...maybe KL again for 2nd time, or Kuantan @ my hub's kg since he's working nite shift on 1st day Raya....apapun, SALAM AIDILFITRI to all......

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mucho Gracias NUFFNANG!

Terima Kasih - Xie Xie - Mucho Gracias - Thank you - Arigato - Syukran Jazilan to NUFFNANG!!!!! for the complimentary TGV tickets for my Birthday treat.....So last week baru ada kelapangan to utilize all....we chose Hangover II and The Zookeeper @ TGV WangsaWalk....

layan games jap while waiting the movie starts....

Hangover II - Best...Me like it....
The Zookeeper - Biasa2 ajer...hehe

Thank you NUFFNANG! Hope to get that again in future...:-)

Does Supplement works???

well that was me before...hahahaha believe it or not, I never believe that supplement can help in boost up our energy...hahahahha such a sarcastic thinking...

but sekarang tidak lagi...:-p well having a wonderful husband who really interested in all those suppl pills, protein etc I am now surrounds with all those...hahahaha named it, sure he nk d jadikan cerita, I bought one Blackmore multivitamin from Watson sbb dapat half price where if you spend more than RM20 or something then you will have the selection of products with half price...

apa lagi punyalah excited dpt multivatamin dgn half price and he started to lecture me on the benefit of the multivitamin.....hahaha one day, I just try la kan...and yess I can feel the different.. becoz normally when I was in the office, kalau pukul 10am tu kan mata ni sgtla mengantuk and badan pun lesu...surprisingly, once dh mkn pil tu terus no more ngantuk2 and lesu2 me.. :-)

so now, we cant missed them daily....hahhhahahaha bulan puasa amik this pil time sahur pun best jugak..sbb it works...less sleepy and badan cergas...ceewahh mcm duta blackmore plak..hihihihihi....

these are my daily supplement...:-)

1. Calcium pills

2. EPO+Fish Oil

3. Multivitamin

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Segalanya selesai...

its a continuation from below post actually.....yes result for my last semester has out a sms from one of my classmate and mmg dup dap dup dap berdebar2 nk bukak tgk result...huhuhuhuhu

but dgn redha hati ku gagahkan jugk utk bukak mata tgk result ku yg terakhir....walllaaaweiiiiiiiiii sgt memberangsangkan.....wahh gituwwwwww....hahahhahah actually i'm taking one the toughest subject last semester which is one of the compulsory subject for finance specialization..iaitu Future & Options....this subject really make me sick throughout the semester....belajar best but exam nk susah gilossss...hahahha

tp Alhamdulillah my result for that subject is good...unbelievable...mula2 ingt ckup2 mkn jer..but syukur sbb dapat more than that....hahhahaha maybe berkat study last minit kot...or Prof tu salah tanda my paper...wakakakkak apapun syukur alhamdulillah...

so now, I am really done with my MBA!!! cant wait for convocation in Oct....hurreyyyyy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I am no longer a part time student....

yes the journey has ended last month...Finally, i have completed my course for MBA (Finance) hopefully last paper tu lepas la if not kena repeat maka x dpt la berconvo ujung tahun ni....nauzubillah....hopefully dpt result ok...

I started my MBA actaually in 2008..time ni kat Maybank lagi...biasa la bosan keje belajar la frankly sometimes dont believe that I taking MBA sbb dlu kononnyer macam decide degree ajer dh ckup la...hahahahha tu la kita merancang Tuhan menentukan....So, my 1st objective when I join MBA is actually I wanted to be a leacturer sbb nk kuar from Maybank tp jodoh ngan MBB tak lama I got offer from PETRONAS in 2009.

Time kat Pet ni ada jugak la macam 50-50 jer nk continue my MBA ni sbb I got a position yg mmg minat macam malas giler nk study.. But after d consult oleh en suami terpaksa gagahkan juga habiskan..huuhhuhu owh btw, I took my MBA kat IIUM and class mmg all weekend for up until now, its almost 2 years++ i dont have a quality weekend except during sem break la kan..huhuhhuhu so during study time tu i have missed sooo many wedding invitation....soo sooryyy ye sapa yg terlibat tu...huhuhuhuuhu hopefully after this, i will try my best to attend my friend's wedding sbb weekendku sudah fact holiday pun kena pegi weekdays sbb weekend class or mmg cepat abis la annual leave kan..huhuhuhhuhuh

PHD??? ouhhh belum tiba masa nyer....but ada la jugak keinginan nk amik ACCA...since Pet recognize mampukah aku?? huhuhu apa2 bukan skrg la kot sbb nk enjoy free weekend dlu..hahhaha maybe next year perhapsss?? tgk la dlu camner now focus on benda lain dlu kot...the one that we both waiting pasal further study lagi has to postpone dlu la yer...hehehehehe

K la...doa2 la yer my final semester lepas and boleh convo ujung tahun ni ye...and for those yg ingin or sedang study good lucksssssss! :-)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Updates on THE KOP

This is actually an overdue update...but since xtau nk belog psl apa kasi jalan ajer ler..hehheeh well as everyone knows this was last month when they have Asia Tour 2011 for Liverpool, Chelsea and since my hubby mmg one of the Liver's fans of course la we went for Liverpool game lawan Msia Team....

We went both for trainning and real game...we were very exciting....hahhaahah ye la nk tggu pegi Anfield xtau tahun biler so grab this opportunity la kan....Overall sgt puas hati sbb both trainning and game we dapat the best sgt clear except for part yg berasak2....normal la kan dh nama pun p stadium...hahahhaaha

For game performance, its really such a good game...Msia team has played their own best and sgt fight okeh...somehow cant believe the way Liver's play at that time....maybe they didnt expect our tem can fight them...hahahahhh even tho they won with score 6-3 but overall I am so proud with Malaysia team....they did a very good job....

K la enjoy some of the piccas for training and game...xlarat nk upload banyak2..hehehhe enjoyy!!!

this was during game Liverpool vs Msia

Such a loyal and fanatic KOP's fans :-)

US :-)

Lautan manusia

best!!! buat sticket muka....naiceeee

training session

p/s: Hope our dream to go to Anfield is coming soon......see ya again @ Anfield....daaaa

Monday, July 11, 2011

Aussie Trip to Remember - Day 5

xtau kenapa tiba2 xleh copy and paste tulisan kat bawah gmbar kt atas..hahahhaah..saper yg tau tlg ajar yer...enjoyyyyyy gmbr yg tak d susun...

ouhhh lama nyer gap between last post...hahahah been so bz with so many things...

So on the day 5 apalagi we went to Theme Park la...btw, GC ni terkenal ngan Theme Park nyer yg bnyk..mcm2 ada...but of course la with entrance fee for us, we just picked one of budget..nk sedapkan hati simpan the rest for the next visit...hahahhaahha

We chose to go to Movieword since itu yg paling menarik for us...:-) we were soo excited nk pegi Movieworld tu..hahahaah jakun la katakan...hihiihhihi but sayang sekali pagi2 lagi hujan turun mencurah2...huhuhuhhu mula2 macam down la jugak kan sbb hujan but we all pegi jugak..and rupanyer mat saleh ni dia bukan macam kita..hujan ke apa ke diorg mmg redah ajer...and the best part is, even tho hujan all the tempat main like space shot, roller coaster semua tu operate macam biasa...kaalu kt msia mmg selamat la nampak sgt diorg punyer benda tu safe..hehehehe

Seharian jugak la we all kat sana, main sket2 jer sbb x berani nk main tempat org..hihihhih then masuk yg show2 amik2 gambar mkn2 jalan2 cam tu jer...ouh ya, jgn x percaya dlm movie world ni ada boleh la kami jama' kat situ...:-)

Balik from Movieworld apa lagi shopping la kat surfers paradise..smpi beli 2 kebab sbb nk rasa...then beli coffee $1 lagi beli ice cream semua la..pluss souvenier skali sbb flite kami ke msia pagi2 sempat la beli ole2 sket for family n frenss and kami borong perfume jugak...:-) Rasa syg sgt nk tinggalkan GC mmg x puas and we hope to come again in the future...

that all...the end of the journey to AUstralia...till we meet again mate!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aussie Trip to Remember - Day 3 & 4

Hari ke 3 we all dh kena ke GC balik dah...huhhu....rasa syg nyer nk tinggal kan Sydney...and mmg tak pagi tu we all just relax2 kat Msia Hall while waiting flight to GC. So at 3.30 pm we fly to GC. Ouh btw, masa kat Airport Sydney we meet one Malaysian lady which boarding in same flite to GC.So apa lagi borak la kan..she is actually baru dlm 2 bulan kot kat Sydney sbb sambung PHD and dia same age with of course la she is in education line a biler dok citer2 i feel like macam dh pernah jumpa ngan budak ni..skali pikir punyer pikir rupanyer dia ni sama macam one of my close fren dlu...teka siapa?? hahhahah Sobrina Hani...yes Hani (i know you will read this) dia mmg macam u...muka tak sgt, but cara bcakap mmg totally sama okeh...hahahaahah tp i tak sempat nk snap photo ngan dia...actually malam nyer we plan nk kuar sama2 kat GC but tak jadi...miscommunication so end up mmg tak jumpa la...huhuhuhuhu ouh btw, nama dia Hana...hahahaha and setiap kali ckp i called her Hani...ehehhe :-p

We reached GC dlm pukul 8pm and straight to Hotel. So after dh check in terus keluar pegi Surfers Paradise sbb nk pegi Beachfront Market aka pasar maalm tak best pun...hahahahha so lepas tu we all jalan2 kat situ jer...mkn2 kebab, ais creammm..ouh sedappnyerrr and layan Hard Rock skali....apa lagi biler dh masuk HR tu $$$ melayang la....huhuhuhu

K la enjoyyyyy some photosssss.....

beach front market aka pasar malam...