Saturday, January 29, 2011

Down with FEVER......

hukhukhuk...baru je berkobar2 nk regularly update blog dh demam pulak....well it was 3 days me on and off fever..morning badan ok, then petang to mlm badan panas...huuhuuhu and the bad thing is my dear hubby is working nite shift this week....nk buat cammaner kan he's out tuk mencari rezeki...(*wink* macam kerja ala2 masuk hutan plak kan)....since en suami kerja malam pandai2 la bawak diri...huhuhhuhuhu
ouh one more thing, i have a weird dream last nite. maybe bcoz of the fever then emotion pun tak menentu la kan....hahahhhh still thinking whether nk write about the dream here or not... but need to story to en suami 1st since its related to apa pun end of the day, it is still mainan tidor kan...hahhahahah...daaaaaaaa

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z.u.n.a.i.d.a said...

comel lukisan amik master lukisan eee..hahahahaha..

mcno gak..