Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Selamat Hari Wanita

Even tho bnyk entry yg due tp nk jugak hupdate ini dlu...hahaha since i am WANITA kan??? So SELAMAT HARI WANITA to all wanitas....btw got bbm on hari wanita from my cousin...i am sooo like the wordings and sesuai dedicate to all woman out there. The words begin.....

Men are stronger than woman?
Oh please!!
Can you bleed for a week and survive?
Can you squeeze a 14 inch baby from a 10cm hole?
Can you carry a 7 pound baby in you stomach for 9 months?
Can you take care of a child, cook, clean and talk on the phone at one time?
Can you carry a 108 lb shopping bag?
Can you go a week only eating salad?
Can you face heartbreak?
Can you watch the love of your life be with someone else?
Can you burn your forehead with a curling iron and not complain?
Can you walk all day in 5 inch heels?
Can you cry all night then wake up the next morning like everything is okay?


We are not underestimate man especially our beloved husband, its just a thot that woman are sooooo special....So treat them nicely....:-) Alhamdulillah my MAN has been treated me soooo well from the day 1 we become together until now. Hope i can be that lucky woman forever...

ouh btw, my BFF has deliver such a beautiful twin today, 080311...and more interesting today is her birthday...such a beautiful gift from Allah to them...Congratulations to Suhairo & Azliza...

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