Wednesday, May 25, 2011


indeed it such a hectic week for me now...its all about my lecturer.. he's going to US attending his son's convocation for PHD. So he need to be there by 6th June and our semester is yet to finish by that. So he propose to make such an express class where instead of once a week class it will be twice now. Not only that, we have quiz every week and got some group presentation in between...Such a tired and hectic week for me... i am really pissed off as the lecturer plak macma tak give and take while he is still giving us the small2 assignment...macam la sem ni org amik subject dia jer...huh....

so now i am supposed to finish the 'kecik' assignments which is due for presentation this saturday and yet ada quiz jugak on that day...can u imagine tht? huuhhhh!!!!!!!

Redha ajer la nasib la i am in my last semester olredi.....wish me luck dear as i will have my final exam for this subject early this sem which is next week....waaaaaaaaa

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Salam from Aussie

Salam all...yes we are now in Sydney and will be headed to GC this afternoon....

Alhamdulillah we have safely landed in Coolangata Airport Gold Coast on 16th May @ 7am which is 2 hours ahead of Malaysia...Both of us were very excited yea la 1st time sampai Australia la katakan...hahahahhah the weather sgt la sejuk and they said that winter in Aussie macam cepat sket this as compared to last year...

Then petang we fly to Sydney for 2 nights and now i am still writing from Sydney and will be flying soon to GC again or another 2 nights....:-)

k la just a short preview sementara nk abiskan masa nk g airport...hehehehehehe i will write again if sempat to access to internet in GC nanti...

daaaaaa...doakan perjalanan kami selamat......bye...:-)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

sebelum couple & selepas couple


Man: ye! sy dh lama tggu saat ni..

Woman:awk akan tggalkan sy tak?

Man: x!! jgn fikir macam tu...x mgkin terjadi...

Woman: awk cintakan sy tak?

Man: ye! tiap2 hari...

Woman: awk pernah tpu sy x?

Man: x!! naper awk selalu tnye sy mcm tu?

Woman: awk akan kiss sy tak?

Man: ye! stiap kali ada peluang

Woman: awk sanggup pkul sy x?

Man: x mungkin! sy bkan lelaki macm tu..

Woman: boleh sy percayakn awak?

Man: Ye

Woman Syg..

(Baca dr bawah ke atas pulak)...hehehhehe

Note: dpt from bbm msg someone and rasa mcm best to share...hehehheehehe