Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aussie Trip to Remember - Day 2

It take me sooo long to cont...hahaha takder mood nk menulis...so here it is 2nd day in Aussie. Well for 2nd day we both just plan nk round2 sydney jer...and mmg nk lepak2 kat area Opera House tu jer... So pagi2 we all dh breakfast kat msia hall kenyang2. Order Nasi Goreng Kampung for 2 with Nes Tarik baru AUD 15 kot...murah la kalau compare kat luar..

So we all pegi sana naik bus cam biasa la...the place is actually called circular bay where you can walk to Opera House, The Rocks, and cum to Sydney Town jugak la...from Opera House you can see Sydney Bridge and actually boleh jalan thru The Rocks tu pegi ke bawah Sydney Bridge.. Mmg sgt cantik and sejuk...bestttt :-) amannnn jerrr....So we both just jalan2 enjoy the scenary lepak2 kat taman, beli souvenier sket and snap picture je la....even tho its kind of boring activity, but we love it muchhoossss sbb boleh rest n relax betul2....with the nice weather lagi la syokkk....

Tp kan after we all dh jalan2 semua we just drop by to one of the Tourism Kiosk and found out that actaully theu have Hop on Hop off busses that travelled pusing2 Sydney...but itss toooo late already sbb time tu dh petang and if amik bus tu mesti tak sempat round semua...frust giler time tu sbb tak tgk awal2...huhuhuhuhu and its quite pricey la kalau naik tp tak sempat round semua. . if im not mistaken its cost is about AUD70 per person kot...lupa dh the price...but kalau convert macam still mahal la kan...paling sedih sbb tak boleh pergi Hard Rock Sydney....huhuhuhuhuhu may be boleh d jadikan alasan utuk ke Sydney lagi next time...:-)

Ouhh fyi, kt town area they all guna system prepaid for the public transport. So all the tix kena beli awal2 kat kaunter before naik bus...but if outside the town area we can beli tix dlm bus la...so nk d jadikan cerita, masa datang from Msia hall we all beli tix dlm bus je la kan which cost us dalam AUD3.20 je kot per person but time nk balik mmg masak la...sbb kena beli prepay and the next day we all dh nk ke Gold Coast. Huhuhuhu so nk taknak kena la beli jugak and it cost us AUD 27 kot for 2 person for 10 rides...Ruginye sbb mmg tak abis la 10 rides kan sbb esk nk balik dh so we all just jalan2 dlm town tu and balik naik bus..boleyyyyy hahahahaa wpun actually nyer dekat jer...hahahahahaha tp masih lagi ada baki 6 rides...hopefully by the time we all ke sana lagi the system is still there,...so we can utilize all...hahahahaha

Malam we had dinner kat one of the restaurant kt area circular quay tu yg mmg specialised Fish n Chips. Btw, kat area tu terkenal dengan fish n chip so bnyk la stall2 yg jual fish n chip to go....best giler beli and makan tepi2 laut tu (laut ke?? hahahaha)....

Here are the photo for 2nd dayyy.....enjoyyyyy....

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Bridge

wpun ada matahari tp still sejuk yg kena pakai jacket...huhuhuu

They called this as street novelist...so anyone can just dok atas kerusi tu and that novelist will type anything about us based on dia punyer instinct etc..so biler siap macam jadi story tentang kita la.soo cutee..and suka hati nk bayar berapa to them...sgt besttt kan tp kami takder rezeki nk buat our story that day sbb dia ckp diorg dh kehabisan paper for that day...huhuhuhu

kat bawah Sydney bridge

berehat kat bawah bridge after penat berjalan..hahahha niceee and chantekkk...

jalan2 kat town.....

yumeeehhh fish n chips and friesss sgt gemukkk :-)

photo with Chef Msia Hall

ngan k.nani aka ass Warden Msia hall yg sgt mesra n baikkk..:-)

view from our room at msia hall - Randwick Stadium

Note: org2 Sydney ni ramai yg jogging time tgh hari..not sure why...and kitorg macam terfikir diorg ni tak keje ker...tp at last kitorg buat conclusion sendiri mungkin diorg ni joging time lunch...hahahahaa

menu kt msia hall...sedapppp..ouh the chef is Kelantanese okeh...but they have migrated to Australia dh almost 15 years and now mmg dh jadi resident..but still slang kelate...hehehee :-)

Overall, to me Sydney is one of the best place to visit...even tho takder bnyk sgt tempat yg dekat2 nk melawat but i just love Sydney....the weather, the smells everything....InsyaAllah we'll be there again soonnn...:-)

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