Sunday, August 28, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri




both sgt gemmsss on 2010's raya..hahahaha

to all celebrate Raya @ Kg Halaman, drive safely and enjoy ur momentsss..For me, still yet to decide where to Raya this year...maybe KL again for 2nd time, or Kuantan @ my hub's kg since he's working nite shift on 1st day Raya....apapun, SALAM AIDILFITRI to all......

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mucho Gracias NUFFNANG!

Terima Kasih - Xie Xie - Mucho Gracias - Thank you - Arigato - Syukran Jazilan to NUFFNANG!!!!! for the complimentary TGV tickets for my Birthday treat.....So last week baru ada kelapangan to utilize all....we chose Hangover II and The Zookeeper @ TGV WangsaWalk....

layan games jap while waiting the movie starts....

Hangover II - Best...Me like it....
The Zookeeper - Biasa2 ajer...hehe

Thank you NUFFNANG! Hope to get that again in future...:-)

Does Supplement works???

well that was me before...hahahaha believe it or not, I never believe that supplement can help in boost up our energy...hahahahha such a sarcastic thinking...

but sekarang tidak lagi...:-p well having a wonderful husband who really interested in all those suppl pills, protein etc I am now surrounds with all those...hahahaha named it, sure he nk d jadikan cerita, I bought one Blackmore multivitamin from Watson sbb dapat half price where if you spend more than RM20 or something then you will have the selection of products with half price...

apa lagi punyalah excited dpt multivatamin dgn half price and he started to lecture me on the benefit of the multivitamin.....hahaha one day, I just try la kan...and yess I can feel the different.. becoz normally when I was in the office, kalau pukul 10am tu kan mata ni sgtla mengantuk and badan pun lesu...surprisingly, once dh mkn pil tu terus no more ngantuk2 and lesu2 me.. :-)

so now, we cant missed them daily....hahhhahahaha bulan puasa amik this pil time sahur pun best jugak..sbb it works...less sleepy and badan cergas...ceewahh mcm duta blackmore plak..hihihihihi....

these are my daily supplement...:-)

1. Calcium pills

2. EPO+Fish Oil

3. Multivitamin

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Segalanya selesai...

its a continuation from below post actually.....yes result for my last semester has out a sms from one of my classmate and mmg dup dap dup dap berdebar2 nk bukak tgk result...huhuhuhuhu

but dgn redha hati ku gagahkan jugk utk bukak mata tgk result ku yg terakhir....walllaaaweiiiiiiiiii sgt memberangsangkan.....wahh gituwwwwww....hahahhahah actually i'm taking one the toughest subject last semester which is one of the compulsory subject for finance specialization..iaitu Future & Options....this subject really make me sick throughout the semester....belajar best but exam nk susah gilossss...hahahha

tp Alhamdulillah my result for that subject is good...unbelievable...mula2 ingt ckup2 mkn jer..but syukur sbb dapat more than that....hahhahaha maybe berkat study last minit kot...or Prof tu salah tanda my paper...wakakakkak apapun syukur alhamdulillah...

so now, I am really done with my MBA!!! cant wait for convocation in Oct....hurreyyyyy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I am no longer a part time student....

yes the journey has ended last month...Finally, i have completed my course for MBA (Finance) hopefully last paper tu lepas la if not kena repeat maka x dpt la berconvo ujung tahun ni....nauzubillah....hopefully dpt result ok...

I started my MBA actaually in 2008..time ni kat Maybank lagi...biasa la bosan keje belajar la frankly sometimes dont believe that I taking MBA sbb dlu kononnyer macam decide degree ajer dh ckup la...hahahahha tu la kita merancang Tuhan menentukan....So, my 1st objective when I join MBA is actually I wanted to be a leacturer sbb nk kuar from Maybank tp jodoh ngan MBB tak lama I got offer from PETRONAS in 2009.

Time kat Pet ni ada jugak la macam 50-50 jer nk continue my MBA ni sbb I got a position yg mmg minat macam malas giler nk study.. But after d consult oleh en suami terpaksa gagahkan juga habiskan..huuhhuhu owh btw, I took my MBA kat IIUM and class mmg all weekend for up until now, its almost 2 years++ i dont have a quality weekend except during sem break la kan..huhuhhuhu so during study time tu i have missed sooo many wedding invitation....soo sooryyy ye sapa yg terlibat tu...huhuhuhuuhu hopefully after this, i will try my best to attend my friend's wedding sbb weekendku sudah fact holiday pun kena pegi weekdays sbb weekend class or mmg cepat abis la annual leave kan..huhuhuhhuhuh

PHD??? ouhhh belum tiba masa nyer....but ada la jugak keinginan nk amik ACCA...since Pet recognize mampukah aku?? huhuhu apa2 bukan skrg la kot sbb nk enjoy free weekend dlu..hahhaha maybe next year perhapsss?? tgk la dlu camner now focus on benda lain dlu kot...the one that we both waiting pasal further study lagi has to postpone dlu la yer...hehehehehe

K la...doa2 la yer my final semester lepas and boleh convo ujung tahun ni ye...and for those yg ingin or sedang study good lucksssssss! :-)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Updates on THE KOP

This is actually an overdue update...but since xtau nk belog psl apa kasi jalan ajer ler..hehheeh well as everyone knows this was last month when they have Asia Tour 2011 for Liverpool, Chelsea and since my hubby mmg one of the Liver's fans of course la we went for Liverpool game lawan Msia Team....

We went both for trainning and real game...we were very exciting....hahhaahah ye la nk tggu pegi Anfield xtau tahun biler so grab this opportunity la kan....Overall sgt puas hati sbb both trainning and game we dapat the best sgt clear except for part yg berasak2....normal la kan dh nama pun p stadium...hahahhaaha

For game performance, its really such a good game...Msia team has played their own best and sgt fight okeh...somehow cant believe the way Liver's play at that time....maybe they didnt expect our tem can fight them...hahahahhh even tho they won with score 6-3 but overall I am so proud with Malaysia team....they did a very good job....

K la enjoy some of the piccas for training and game...xlarat nk upload banyak2..hehehhe enjoyy!!!

this was during game Liverpool vs Msia

Such a loyal and fanatic KOP's fans :-)

US :-)

Lautan manusia

best!!! buat sticket muka....naiceeee

training session

p/s: Hope our dream to go to Anfield is coming soon......see ya again @ Anfield....daaaa