Thursday, August 4, 2011

Updates on THE KOP

This is actually an overdue update...but since xtau nk belog psl apa kasi jalan ajer ler..hehheeh well as everyone knows this was last month when they have Asia Tour 2011 for Liverpool, Chelsea and since my hubby mmg one of the Liver's fans of course la we went for Liverpool game lawan Msia Team....

We went both for trainning and real game...we were very exciting....hahhaahah ye la nk tggu pegi Anfield xtau tahun biler so grab this opportunity la kan....Overall sgt puas hati sbb both trainning and game we dapat the best sgt clear except for part yg berasak2....normal la kan dh nama pun p stadium...hahahhaaha

For game performance, its really such a good game...Msia team has played their own best and sgt fight okeh...somehow cant believe the way Liver's play at that time....maybe they didnt expect our tem can fight them...hahahahhh even tho they won with score 6-3 but overall I am so proud with Malaysia team....they did a very good job....

K la enjoy some of the piccas for training and game...xlarat nk upload banyak2..hehehhe enjoyy!!!

this was during game Liverpool vs Msia

Such a loyal and fanatic KOP's fans :-)

US :-)

Lautan manusia

best!!! buat sticket muka....naiceeee

training session

p/s: Hope our dream to go to Anfield is coming soon......see ya again @ Anfield....daaaa

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