Saturday, December 31, 2011

keep 2011 in our memories...WELCOME 2012....

Wishing all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Alhamdulillah, Allah masih panjangkan umur kita untuk menikmati suka duka untuk tahun sebelumnye sehingga 2011...we never know what will happen in the future and untill that we should be grateful what we have now and keep on praying for the better life in future....May 2012 bring the blessing and the happiness in our life...InsyaAllah....

So, to recap of what have been achieved and not, I couldn't really remember one by one. But the most importantly and all I know, I an still alive and has a lovely husband beside me, families, great friends..all of them were the gift from Allah to me...I am soo blessed..

For year 2011, as far as I could remember, of course my ultimate wish for every year still yet to come...We are still 2 and yet to become 3...But we never stopped pray and keep on praying for that. Mungkin itu yg terbaik untuk kami buat masa sekarang...InsyaAllah when the times come we can have a little one in our family...

Oh btw, there are actually two great achievement in my life for 2011, 
1. InsyaAllah we will be moving in soon to our 'own crib' ..That wish has never been planned for 2011 before but Alhamdulillah kita merancang Tuhan yg menentukan....
2. Guess what, I manage to cut off my weight by 10kgs in 2011...walllaaaaweiiiiiii its real okeh...even tho after raya naik balik sikit but I am still maintaining it...ada la naik turun sikit along the way but I am far away from my weight in Dec 2010.....alhamdulillah....

As for 2012,
1. To continously improving my self untuk menjadi seorang Isteri yg solehah to my lovely 
2. Semoga Allah makbulkan doa kami to have baby in our family
3. To reduce more kgssssssss :-)
4. NO VACATION for 2012...waaaaaaaaaaa (but dear husband said, dlm Msia to be   
    considered plus Brunei) oke lah dr takder langsung...hihihhiihi

K la, semoga this coming year ahead will bring us more blessing in our life....daaaaaaaaa...

My new obsession

yes this is my new obsession...i am sooooo into Korean Moveeesss/drama currently...hahahhahha been there last time during uni time but now it come again...maybe sbb dh lama stopped kot so bila dh start balik and since im free now mmg la besst kann..

btw, it started with this seriess.....SCENT OF WOMAN

Mula2 'tertengok' dekat chanel 393 and tak sangka its 1st apa lagi saje la layan..skali best la pulak..terus follow all series (thanks astro beyond.hihihihi) after few episodes lagi la rasa best..terus pegi beli DVD boleyyyy??? sbb tak sabar nk tggu..hahahha 

mula2  tgk citer mcm geram kt heroin (Kim Sun Ah) sbb macam tua sket nk compare ngan hero(Lee Dong Wok) yg sgt hensem lama2 ok...mmg dh kena dh diorg berlakon dua org..hiiihhiihi

Ni la pelakon utama citer Scent of Woman ni..(yg tgh2 dua org tu hero n heroin nyer) ouh btw, hero n heroin citer ni baru jer dtg Malaysia tuk promotion ciater ni few weeks back...sorry im not going sbb tak tau kat maner and tau pn mmg dh terlambat..hihihhhihih kalu tahu maybe pegi jugak kot..:-p hihiihhi

overall citer ni mmg besssttt!!! looking for more drama/movee from Lee Dong Wok..hiihihihihi