Tuesday, April 26, 2011

AUD ouh AUD.....

i am now sgt risaukan ngan movement AUD in the market....hahaha not that i am in the currency business but just for personal use.hehehheehe

Since we will be going to Aussie (GC and Sydney) mid May for holiday now ngah monitor la rate AUD nk beli...and as we all know, AUD curr has strengthen against most all of other currency since early 2011..

well the highest point so far was 3.24...perghhhhh and now stood at 3.20.....hopefully by May please la turun sket...huhuhuh tu la awal2 dlu time 3.02 tak nak tukar...now dh kelam kabut...huhuhhhu

So those yg ada currency view pls share okeh....

Note: Cant wait to packing for the holiday.....yeayyyyyy..:-)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

berhabuk lagiiii......

setelah hampir sebulan berjaya dgn jayanya menaikkan lalang2, habuk, debu semua kat blog ni now im alive...hahahahaa maybe sbb bnyk sgt things to do during semester break nih....and this weekend class dh start balik...but guess wat! i am in the last semester olredi....hooorayyyyyy!!!!! time flies and it has been two and a half year being a master student uia....cant believe it....hahahhaha

btw, like usual hopefully i can be more rajin to hupload this blog rather than just blog walking hahhahaa...agak bnyk piccas n event yg nk d upload...but tggu internet laju sket la....daaaaaaaaa see u in next post soon!!!!!