Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm still alive

Yesssssss im still alive......hahaha mcm apa jer....i mean i am still here reading and hoping to ur blog..... Btw, lately sgt ssah nk go in to the blogger....kt offis mmg tak bleh sbb takder google chrome and i cant go in with normal google....kat umah plak broadband tertinggal kt wat else???? So how can i go in now? Heheehehh btw, this 1st time blogging using my new ipad....hihihi wpun ketinggalan...but alhamdulillah dptla merasa...hihihi and nk dijadikan cerita tiba2 la my hubby terjumpa org yg jual prepaid wifi boleyyyyy? Coooolll haa? Hihi so dptla berblogging... Btw, mcm bnyk je benda berlaku recently which i want to blog about but dh of them, pasal our 'new baby' yg kena langgar dlm parking lot....perghhh sangat pedih hati ni bila tetiba je gedeganggggg org langgar...but alhamdulillah semua dh settle and org yg langgar tu dh bertanggungjawab byr semua....huhuhuh i have some piccass but unable to upload sbb malas nk sync kt ipad ni..... Huhuhu 

btw, agak tak best jugk blog kot ipad ni sbb di takder bnyk icon yg ada kalau kita upload kt laptop i.e. Font type, font color im not sure how this post looks like after this.... K la will blog about something later....daaaaa

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