Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend gateway...ouhhh im lovin' it

Can't wait for this coming weekend gateway..... We need some fresh air after all d things happened....ouh tahun ni xder budget for oversea trip so round2 dlm negeri je la yerrrr....hihihi

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home #3

Alhamdulillah the tenant dh keluar last weekend and the house is soon to be ours... So last night the owner invited me to see the house after the tenant dh blah...and guesssss wattttttttttt"...........

Well nama pn tenant yg bermasalah so mmg masalah la yg dia tggal....keadaan rumah of course la kotor kan and dat one understandable sb boleh cuci...but paling xboleh terima tenant hangkut dgn aircond2 sekali...yes the owner wanted to let go to us with the bila tgk mcm tu mmg kitorg tak boleh terima...kalau korg pn sama kan? Pluss bekas2 yg dia cabut aircond tu of course la terkopek sana sini...mmg f******* la...

So now we were thinking to claim from the owner for all the defects...kalau ikut hati mmg la x sampai hati nk mintak but bila pikir we are like the mangsa dlm kes ni...and its really dissappointed and frustrated....erghhhhhhhhh

Lets see la nti mcm mane..but we need to settle ASAP....hopefully Allah tunjukkan jln terbaik tuk kami selesaikan.....

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Home Sweet Home #2

This is not such a good entry nway....huhuhuhhuh we are now having problem to enter our own house....soundss funny kan but its real eh.....sgt stress and tertekan....

Btw, we are buying 2nd hand house so now the house is rented by tenant....and they are such bad tenant and definitely bad paymster the owner is actually kicking out the tenant l sbb kitorg dh nk masuk umh but tenant yg bangang ni buat mcm harta mak bapak dia and taknak keluar from the now we both together with owner lama terpaksa l pulak keluar masuk balai nk settle this matter.....btw, he has outstanding 2 months okehhh...sedap2 je nk dduk free....

So until now we still stucked and our house is like kpal pecah yg tggu masa nk berkecai aje sbb kerja2 packing yg nk update pasal reno etc pn malas .....ada jgk la dlm dunia ni org yg tak reti bahasa and muka tak malu mcm tu.....erggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Will see whats next and update again...hoppefullu settle at the soonest.....

Monday, March 12, 2012

Home Sweet Home #1

Alhamdulillah....we are now getting ready to move to our own lil crib....insyaAllah this is the last month that we renting the house and soon to be moved to ours... So far progressive utk pindah2 ni still on going...and mcm rileks lagi sbb ada some matters blom selesai...we are planning to do some minor renovation 1st before we moved in.... So baru je kemas2 baju...hihihih btw, the 1st thing yg ku kemas adalah my baju kurung...and omaigoddddd bnyk nyer bju kurung ku...hahahaha its more than 60... And cant imagine ada a few lagi kt tailor...hahaahah

Hahahaahaha bila dh lipat chantekkk jer...hihhhihhhi...k laaaa will continue update with more progress on our way to the new house.....:-)