Monday, March 12, 2012

Home Sweet Home #1

Alhamdulillah....we are now getting ready to move to our own lil crib....insyaAllah this is the last month that we renting the house and soon to be moved to ours... So far progressive utk pindah2 ni still on going...and mcm rileks lagi sbb ada some matters blom selesai...we are planning to do some minor renovation 1st before we moved in.... So baru je kemas2 baju...hihihih btw, the 1st thing yg ku kemas adalah my baju kurung...and omaigoddddd bnyk nyer bju kurung ku...hahahaha its more than 60... And cant imagine ada a few lagi kt tailor...hahaahah

Hahahaahaha bila dh lipat chantekkk jer...hihhhihhhi...k laaaa will continue update with more progress on our way to the new house.....:-)


CIK NANA said...

Nanti share tau. Nak tahu details gak utk reno, grill etc. :)

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