Friday, July 27, 2012

I am in unified zone!!!

Yeayyyyyyy after Waiting for sooo long to decide which broadband to be used to replace celcom si kura2 ni, at last we decided to change to TM for unifi.... To apply, sgtla senang n convenience...we just go into the website and apply we can see what are the promo offered for now...then isi online form and submit... Nxt day somebody called to confirm on the request..walllaaaweeiii soo efficient okeh...then he emailed all the details with the proposed date for installation.... Here we go, last monday they come and install the modem and all...owhh btw, we chose the cheapest package where we can have 5 users at one la dduk pn 2 org takkan nk amik yg 10 org plak kan..hihihhi there are several package for us to choose which one is the best....and another thing the package will come together with fixed phone line and hipptv...but dont worry the internet takde kena mengena dgn phone and its not like the normal internet cabel yg kena smbung kat phone tuh...hihhii its all wireless....wifi gitewwwww So for hipptv tu kalau bosan2 tgk astro bleh la tukar hipptv...there are several channel yg free but i have not fully explore lagi how the channel looks yg penting kaalu hujan pn still boleh tgk...and they also have movies for us to if nk tgk movie boleh pilih kan... In term of price, of the its different according to the rspective ours is RM149. Ouh btw, phone line tu takder any subscription charges or to tm phone is free and just byr if we make phone calls to number other than tm line aje.... So below are all the gadget yg we received.....( gmbr quality not so good sbb guna camera ipad)

This is the decoder for hipptv....

Motorola Cordless phone

And....the modem for the internet.....

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